The Best Cross Country Horse Boots (UK-2021)

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Eventing cross country boots provide a higher level of protection than any other boot. Here are some of the top xc horse boots available for events in the UK.

The Best Cross Country Horse Boots 2021

The Top-Rated Cross Country Horse Boots

LeMieux Prosport Mesh Brushing Boots

One of the equestrian absolute favourites.

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LeMieux Prosport Mesh Pair Brushing boots is a perfect pick for a xc round. The velcro straps ensure a tight fit around the leg. The soft neoprene material prevents from uncomfortable pressure around the tendons during the eventing round. The boot material is also quick drying, so no need to worry about the boots getting damaged at the water obstacles. The boot wraps around the whole leg, providing the highest protection for your horses legs. These horse eventing brushing boots are sold in a paid of two and can be used as front boots or hind boots. Their air light weight makes them ideal cross country boots for all horses. When it comes to the colors, LeMieux Prosport Mesh Pair Brushing Boots are available in black, brown and white colour.

Budget Pick

Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots

Less than 70 pounds for a pair of four!

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Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots, unlike most boots on the market, are sold in a set of four. They are an amazing value for money. They might not look the most expensive but provide a high level of protection. They are equipped with velcro straps ensuring a close, tight fit around the leg, without restricting the range of movement. They are a go-to boots for racehorse trainers when working with young race or event horses. They come in a wide range of colors.

Luxury Pick

Veredus - E-VENTO front eventing boots

The highest quality boot with an amazing ventilation and newest technologies.

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Veredus E-VENTO Eventing Boots are the best pick for the most demanding equestrians. These boots are equipped with all the new technology making your event round the safest possible. Firstly, there is a shock absorber system build into the boot, that provides an impact protection if a horse hits an obstacle. Secondly, the outer layer is waterproof, so no need to worry about the boots getting damaged from water either. Next, the inside of the boot is made out of microperforated neoprene AEROX, together with 3D mesh ducted fabric to guarantee double ventilation (air cooling technology) and a perfect fit that does not restrict any movement or provide unwanted pressure on the tendons. Nothing can beat this level of leg protection!

Runner Up

Shires ARMA Brushing Boots

These boots have all that a good event boot needs

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Shires ARMA Brushing Boots are another popular pick among British riders. Air light, quick drying and nice looking (the outer material imitates leather), these can be safely recommended for your upcoming event.

Best for Ponies

Weatherbeeta Pony Exercise Boots

These are the best cross country boots for ponies.

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The worst part about having a pony is finding nice technical equipment for it, as most products are dedicated to full size horses. Weatherbeeta Exercise Boots are our suggestion for your pony. These boots are highly breathable, air-light and soft but simultaneously very durable. They do not cause any unwanted tendon pressure and will make an ideal pair of eventing boots for ponies.

What to Look for in Cross Country Boots

Here are some of the things to look for if you want to find the best cross country boots for your horse’s legs.


Material should be air light to give your horse the highest comfort during a demanding cross country round. Good horse eventing boots should also be waterproof, since most eventing competitions have some sort of water obstacles or wet terrain.

Good Fit

Eventing boots should be a tight fit (achieved with strong fastening straps) but should not restrict the movement or cause unwanted pressure on the tendons. Too loose boots will tend to slid down during intense eventing round or fast canter. To see if your boots aren’t too tight pay close attention to every leg after you take the boots off; tight boots cause temporary markings in the fur and skin of the legs.


The lighter the better.

A Strong Fastening

To prevent the boots from sliding down, falling off or rotating around the legs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions riders ask when choosing the best cross country boots.

Why does my horse lift up it’s legs after having the boots put on?

Some horses aren’t used to the pressure around their legs and will need a few riding sessions with the boots on to get fully accustomed. This sort of reaction is more common with the hind boots but can also be observed with the front boots. But if your horse is used to the boots and reacts by lifting his legs high only with the new pair of eventing boots, it might be a sign they are too tight and cause too much pressure and discomfort.

Should bell boots be used for hind legs?

Unless your horse wears horseshoes on the hind legs and takes them off regularly, hind bell boots are not necessary. Bell boots for hind legs are typically used only in pony riding clubs and schools, to prevent horses in a line stepping on one another and getting hurt.

Can I use showjumping boots for eventing?

I would strongly suggest against it, because showjumping boots do not provide leg protection from all sides and angles and do not hold well when brushing over fences.

Other Event Boots We Reviewed

Cross country brushing boots are an absolute must, but so is a good pair of bell boots (to provide protection to your horses hooves and the fetlock joint)

Best Overreach Boots

Classic Equine Dyno No-Turn Overreach Boots

Durable, water and stain repellant overreach boots ideal for cross country.

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Made out of 2520 denier material these boots are very durable and sure to last you for a long time. They are water and stain repellant, ideal for water obstacles and muddy terrain. The boot is equipped with a double hook and loop closures with contoured fit to keep it in place and provide the best possible protection for your horse. These boots are sold in pairs (most horses require front boots only) in a variety of colours (white, black, brown, purple, green, blue, lime and teal).

Fashionable Bell Boots

Shires Arma Fleece Trim Bell Boots

One of the British rider favourites: compromises top quality protection with up to date fashion.

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Shires Arma Fleece Trim Bell Boots are undoubtedly one of the most commonly chosen horse bell boots. Fleece is mainly a fashion statement, but it also provides a little bit of en extra comfort for your horse since the material is very soft. Shires Arma Fleece Trim Bell Boots come in multiple colours (black, raspberry pink, white, purple, orange and green) to suit every eventing rider’s preferences. Shire boots are made out of rubber which is one of the most practical materials at the eventing course. A double touch and close fastening ensures that the boots keeps in place.