The Best Dressage Boots in 2021

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Finding the right pair of dressage boots can be quite a challenge. Many boots just aren’t the best quality and don’t last long in the intensive dressage training. Here are some of the best, highest quality, longest lasting and most elegant riding boots for dressage riders. 

The Best Dressage Boots in 2021

Editor Choice

Mountain Horse Sovereign Lux Riding Boots

Super fancy and fashionable. Available in brown and black. These boots are out favourite pick.

Available at Equus

These tall riding boots will make any leg look super slim. Mountain horse released these luxurious boots in both black and brown leather, so that everyone can be satisfied. Sovereign Lux boots are designed with respect to the highest detail. In addition to the usual Mountain Horse classy and elegant style the Lux version has a crocodile skin theme. Unlike most boots, Mountain Horse riding boots have built in steel shanks that provide extra stability when walking or riding. The zipper is found in the back and is very durable. These boots also have a built in ShockX Advanced ergonomic insole system for your comfort. They might look a bit tight and figure-hugging but the leather is very soft and so they are very comfortable to wear and ride in. If you are looking for dressage boots make sure to pick those is version ‘T’-tall, unless you have super short leg then stick with ‘R’ regular. 

Runner Up

Dublin Holywell Leather Boots

Dublin boots are super elegant and will make an ideal piece of competition wardrobe or an amazing, comfortable companion for your everyday rides.

Available at Amazon

Another classy take on horse riding boots. Dublin Holywell boots are perfect for riders that value elegant style but don’t want to go over the top with the glossy details and sparkles. These boots are simple style yet very high quality make. They will make a perfect pair of working boots for everyday rides and training. The outer side of the boots is taller, creating the visual impression of a very long leg. They have elastic laces in the front, contouring the riders ankles and a durable zipper in the back. Unfortunate for the brown leather lovers – these only come in black. 

Third Place

BR Equestrian Venetia Riding Boots

Suitable for all riding disciplines, with encrusted diamonds to satisfy all the riders that like it sparkly and shiny!

Available at Equus

This pair of riding boots is a mix of two different high quality leathers which have water repellent properties. This feature makes those boots suitable for all riding disciplines, including eventing. They are also ideal for dressage: they are quite tall and have an extraordinary style. The top of the boot has a glossy leather with encrusted diamonds, making the pair of boots ideal for any showring. The zipper is found on the back. These boots are comfortable to wear around the stables, the sole is thick and made out of shock absorbing foam and microfibre. The undersole is covered in rubber providing an excellent grip of the stirrups. These boots come in black leather.

Fourth Place

Mountain Horse Sovereign Long Boots

Available in black and brown, these boots sculpture every calf to make it look slim and aesthetic.

Available at Amazon

Simpler but also more practical take on the Mountain Horse dressage boots. These boots, shape-wise are very indifferent to Mountain Horse Lux boots. They are tall and figure-hugging. The boots come in brown leather and the contrast between dark brown and light brown leather is very stylish. The leather is also super soft and thus comfortable to ride in. The soles have a build in shanks to provide stability. These boots won 2019 award for the best boots on the market (according to ‘Horse and Rider’). These boots are also a great value for money. 

Fifth Place

Busse Laval Boots

For all the riders that are looking for 'something different'. These front tied boots have a zip in the back and are available in black, brown and blue.

Available at Amazon

If you like being ‘different’ and unique in the equestrian world, these dressage boots might be just right for you. The front of the boot is very original as it is fully laced up. I know what you are thinking now… these boots must be a pain to put on and take off. Wrong. There is actually a hidden zipper in the back making it very easy to put those boots on and take them off. These boots come in brown, black and blue leather. If that isn’t original enough for you: the laces can be replaced for busse’s colorful laces: pink, brown, black and light blue. Or any other laces of different brands. The soles of the boots are multilayered, making it comfortable to ride in them as well as walk around the stables.  

What to Look for in Dressage Boots

If you want your boots to last a long while, you really want to go with high quality leather. Typically calf leather is the softest and most comfortable. Another aspect is the height of the boots, as dressage boots are taller than any other riding boots. Most boots labeled as “tall” will be just right for dressage. The color of the leather depends on your preferences, but try to keep it classy if you have competitions in mind. Simple and black dressage boots are probably the safest option for competitive riders for the show arena. Poorly designed boot zippers are probably the weakest side of any boots. Zippers need to stand intense pressure and rubbing. Zippers placed on the outer side of the calf tend to last the longest because they do not face direct pressure or rubbing. If you use spurs (as most dressage riders do) a spur holder is a nice addition to your boots. Spur holders keep the spurs in the right place and under the right angle. 

How to care for dressage boots 

Good quality, leather riding boots should be regularly taken care of to last. Mud, dust and moisture should be cleaned off every other day with a microfiber cloth. Boots should be cleaned weekly with soaps or glycerin sprays specially dedicated to leather. After cleaning you should apply a layer of grease and leave it on the boots for a while to let them moisturise. Before next ride wipe off the excess of the grease. Boots which are properly taken care off will last you years.