Best Dressage Jackets (UK – 2021)

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Dressage jackets are an obligatory piece of clothing during a competition and a nice addition to your look during official events and shows.  Here are some of the best dressage jackets of 2021 according to a few different categories.

The Best Dressage Jackets (UK-2021)

Most Fashionable 2021

Pikeur Paulin Womens Competition Jacket

This jacket compromises a flawless look and riders comfort.

Available at Amazon

Pikeur brand has to be introduced to no one. One of the most fashionable and leading companies in the equestrian fashion world.  Their Paulin Show jacket is a top pick when it comes to the riders comfort, with no compromise to the look. The Paulin Show jacket is of an average length, making it suitable for all riding disciplines including dressage. The soft and breathable softshell fabric provides you with an unlimited freedom of movement.  The design is very feminine and promotes a slim looking waist line. Pikeur released this model in three flattering colors: classy black, pale gray and dark cherry. The jacket is fastened in the front with four elegant looking buttons.  

Eye Catcher

Equetech Jersey Deluxe Dressage Tailcoat

This competition jacket is something special.

Available at Equus

If you are a real dressage person you probably like to put on a little show. This Equetech jacket is of a longer length, designed specifically for the most demanding dressage riders. The pale grey color of the coat is eye catching but nowhere near provocative or aggressive. The coat is decorated with engraved buttons and sparkly crystals around the waist. The ends are weighted, ensuring the coat doesn’t bother you while riding.  The jacket is made of 6% Lycra and 94% polyester, for added stretch, close fit, and shape retention. Unlike most jackets this one is machine washable, making it really easy to maintain unreservedly clean. 

Simple but Classy

Just Togs Elegance Show Jacket

This classy show jacket will be an ideal piece for every competition.

Available at Amazon

If you are looking for a simple and elegant looking show jacket, Just Togs jacket might be the right pick for you. It is available in navy and black. The simple look is completed with a crystal collar and rear waist detail. Material is 100% water repellent polyester, ideal when you get caught in the rain during your show. The jacket is fasted with four buttons in the front and the design provides a freedom of movement.  

Budget Pick

Shires Aston Ladies Show Jacket

This dressage jacket is an amazing value for money. This product is of a good quality and will not leave you disappointed.

Available at Amazon

Need a dressage jacket but the cost puts you off? If so, this Shires jacket is an ideal pick for you. Costs not even a half of what the other jackets cost and has everything a good dressage jacket needs. The clean design is accompanied by pretty velvet trimmed collar and pockets. Four buttons in the front. Available in navy and black. 

Back in Time

Shires Aubrion Saratoga Womens Riding Jacket

This dressage jacket has an old school look and will make a good wardrobe element for shows.

Available at Amazon

If you value an old-fashioned equestrian look, the Shires Aubrion Saranga Jacket is the best choice for you. Made out of good quality, brown coloured wool, with a check pattern, the trenchcoat design takes you back to the 90’s. The jacket has three buttons in the front. 

Best for Kids

Equetech Children's Jersey Competition Jacket

This jacket is the best choice for small and young riders.

Available at Equus

Equetech Children’s Jersey Deluxe Competition Jacket is a classy and clean looking jacket designed specifically for kids. For the tall and slim kids there is a special sleek design too. It comes in navy color with very pretty buttons. The best thing about this coat is that it can be safely washed in a washing machine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of dressage jackets?

Dressage jackets can be divided into two subcategories: long tail dressage jackets and short dressage jackets. Long tail is viewed as more fancy and fashionable, especially in the higher sport dressage. Short dressage jackets are however more practical and can be used in other classical horse riding disciplines and are the most common choice in amatour dressage competitions and shows. 

What color should dressage jackets be?

Dressage jackets bought with the purpose of competing should be classy and elegant looking. Before getting a unique colored jacket, always double check with the current FEI regulations as they like to switch it up. The safest and most common jacket colors include: black, navy, grey and brown. I did however come across coats in beige and green color too. 

If the limited selection of dressage jacket colors does not satisfy you, here is the good news: you can spice up your look with some extra details. Sparkling stones, glossy details, fancy buttons or colorful trimming is all allowed. Be creative and don’t let the competition rules ruin your personal vibe 😉 

How to clean dressage jackets?

Some jackets are machine washable, but not all of them. If you decide to wash your jacket at home I would suggest hand washing it or using the lowest temperature and spins per minute on your washing machine. Personally I find it best to get my jackets professionally washed after every other show, but this can get costly. If you decide to wash them at home I strongly suggest to use dedicated products for washing outdoor/technical sports clothing. 

How to take care of my dressage jacket? 

Apart from taking extra care when cleaning your jacket, keep your jacket on a hanger at all times. It will protect if from getting creased and damaged. Most coats come with a plastic bag, which should be used to store the coat, keeping it clean from dirt and dust free. If you don’t have one I recommend buying one, you will not regret it.  

Lastly, remember to keep your jacket in a shaded place to avoid the sun damage to its color. It is especially important with darker colored coats, like black or navy.

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