The Best Dressage Saddle Pads in 2021

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Are you serious about dressage or own a dressage saddle? Or perhaps you are just curious to see what are the best dressage saddle pads on the market? This article reviews six top rated and most wanted dressage saddle pads in the UK. 

The Best Dressage Saddle Pads (UK-2021)

Budget Pick

Weatherbeeta Dressage Saddle Pad With Merino Edging

High quality make with an expensive looking and professional finish.

Available at Equus

This fashionable dressage pad comes in two different colors: white and black. The pad is made out of high quality soft cotton filled with polyfill for the extra padding. The edges are real merino wool which helps to achieve a good saddle position and absorbs sweat. The girth region is reinforced for the extra durability. The wither is raised for your horses comfort. Another benefit of the pad is that it is machine washable so you can clean it without a hussle. 

Runner Up

Busse Nalani Saddle Pad

Pretty and practical saddle pad with a side pocket for your phone.

Available at Equus

Super good value for money and fancy design delivered by the famous busse brand. This pad is very original and like no other. It has a side pocket on the left side to fit your phone while riding. The pocket has a zipper to protect your phone from falling out. How handy, is it not?! It comes in two colors: navy blue and olive green. The material is made out of polyester filled with polyfill for the softness. The wither region is raised. The only thing this saddle pad is lacking is an additional protection of the girth area. 

Third Place

LeMieux Memory Satin Dressage Saddle Pad

This satin memory foam pad works to perfectly fit your horse.

Available at Amazon

Very stylish, top quality dressage saddle pad by LeMieux. LeMieux is famous for their dressage pads but this exact one you can not miss. Satin and glossy grey outer fabric creates the expensive look. The inside of the pad is filled with very soft and shock absorbing polyfill. Extra lining of bamboo absorbs all the moisture and sweat very efficiently. Like most of the LeMieux models, this one has a protected girth area and a raised wither. What makes this pad so special is the memory foam in the front. It perfectly fills up the space between the saddle and the horse, working under heat. This newest technology promotes proper blood flow and an amazing comfort to your horse. 

Fourth Place

LeMieux Prosport Suede Dressage Saddlepad

Natural cotton, filled with polyfill and an extra bamboo lining for the effective moisture and sweat absorbance.

Available at Amazon

Yet another LeMieux’s customers favorites. Natural cotton, filled with polyfill and an extra bamboo lining for the perfect moisture and sweat absorbance. Machine washable. Raised wither and protected girth just like in all the other LeMieux saddle pads. The suede effect topside completes the look. Suede is not only very fashionable but also dirt and dust repelling, making it an ideal go to material for everyday training. This saddle pad comes in either ice blue or blackcurrant color. LeMieux released other accessories in the same colors, including: fly hats and bandages so that you can collect a whole matching set. 

Fifth Place

Weatherbeeta Ombre Dressage Saddle Pad

Very original design for those that like it different and colourful.

Available at Amazon

The new Weatherbeeta saddle pads definitely catch one’s eye. Very brightly colored pads with an ombre effect combine fashion and comfort in one. The pads are of a high quality and a decent price. The pads are made out of wick-easy cotton and have a breathable mesh spine. The wither is raised and the girth area is additionally protected. These saddle pads come in a complete size range and in plenty of different color themes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you look for in a dressage saddle pad?

Quality of the material 

You want your pad to be soft and pleasant in touch but simultaneously very durable to last you for a longer while. Cotton is usually the most common material used in good quality saddle pads. Make sure the saddle pad material is breathable to avoid excessive sweating and further related medical problems and infections. 

Reinforced girth material 

Girth region is usually the weakest part of any saddle pad. Fastened girth tends to put a lot of pressure on the pad and scratch the material. Reinforcement of the girth region with a more durable material, like leather or suede should solve the issue. 

Wool or faux fur edging 

Wool or faux fur edging provides additional stability to the saddle, also making sure it is correctly positioned. It is very fashionable too and completes any equestrian look. The best saddle pads use merino wool that is easy to clean and very breathable. A commonly used alternative is the previously mentioned faux fur. It is not quite as absorbant as wool but does a good job positioning the saddle correctly and giving extra stability. 

Raised wither material (front of the saddle pad)

Wither area is commonly scratched by poorly fitted saddle pads. Some saddle pads have a raised wither material, leaving extra space for your horse’s wither and mane. 

The filling 

Good riding pads should have at least a little bit of a filling inside, to make it softer and more shock absorbing. Polyfill is the most commonly used material for this purpose. Just bare in mind not to go for the thickest pads during hot summer months as they will cause unwanted sweating. 

What color should a dressage saddle pad be?

Everyday training saddle pad can be of any color of your personal choice. For competitions however, it is required for the saddle pad to be white. If you want a clothing with a bit more character than typical classy white, look for white saddle with subtle decorations. 

Can you use any saddle pad for dressage?

Regular or gel saddle pads can not be used for dressage because they are too short. Dressage saddle flaps are longer than in other saddle models and thus will stick out from above the saddle pad and scratch your horse.