The Best Dressage Whips in 2021

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Dressage whips come in all styles. A good dressage whip is comfortable to hold and fancy in appearance. Whips with gel handles provide you with a perfect grip during your trainings and are probably the most practical whips you can get. Another favorite are whips with very fancy and decorative handles, to give you the glow. Whips made out of fiberglass are popular for a reason: they are bomb proof. 

Best Dressage Whips (UK-2021)

Fifth Place

Beautiful, and practical dressage whip that gives you a grip like no other. The handle is just the right size to nicely fit in the palm of your hand. Gel handle feels soft and provides a good grip so that the whip doesn’t slide around. This model comes in six different colors: blue, lilac, lime green, orange, royal blue and bright pink. The metal colors are golden (apart from orange where the metal is of a silver color). The whip has a little bit of flexibility to it, but does not bend too much. The lash however is soft and bendable. These dressage whips come in size of 100 cm which is a good size for an all-around whip, or a dressage whip for ponies, cobs and smaller horses. If you are looking for a dressage whip for ground work, you might want to look at our other recommendations (sand, dust and soil particles like to stick to the gel). 

Fifth Place

If you like colorful and fancy, but gel isn’t the right pick for you, have a look at these pretty whips. They are made out of material, and are nice in appearance. They come in plenty of colors to pick from: black, grey, baby blue, lilac, pink, purple and red. The handles are nicely decorated. The make of these is not the highest quality but these are super good value for money and have many pleased users. They are perfect as all-round whips, and can even be used as lunging equipment

Fifth Place

These whips are of an amazing quality. The body of the whip is made out of fiberglass making it more resistant to pressure and damage. Fiberglass body provides the best level of flexibility to the whip. The handle is made out of leather with a bit of twist- a fancy glittery finish. These are available in different colors: black, blue, gold, green, orange and pink. The colors are bright and catch attention. Metal elements, such as the head of the whip are silver. 

Fifth Place

This whip is ideal for the more serious dressage riders. It is longer than the previous whips and has a special finish to the lash (a braided rope). The lash is therefore more elastic and flexible, which typically produces more response in horses during the training. Such whips need to be used with care. The whip is pretty simply and basic, nethertheless looks classy. The handle is made out of leather and the cap is a silver metal. 

Fifth Place

If you are a fan of a sporty look or dislike sparkles, diamonds and extra decorations, this contact whip will be good for you. Slim, lightweight and sporty looking. It is a perfect all around whip for everyday rides and schooling, as well as a good whip for groundwork. 

What to Look for in Dressage Whips

Dressage whips are longer than regular multi-purpose or show jumping whips. They can be anywhere between 70 and 130 cm long. The two most common lengths are 110 and 120 cm. Bare in mind that according some competition rules (like USEF rules) a dressage whip cannot be longer than 120 cm. At most competitions worldwide, dressage whips can only be used during warm up and are prohibited during the actual dressage test (does not apply to paradressage classes). The mentioned sized include the lash. When choosing right the size, you should pick a whip which is just long enough so that it reaches your horse’s back end. Good dressage whips should be comfortable to hold in hand. Handles are typically pretty decorative, so pick any according to your own style and preference. Picking a brightly coloured whip is a great idea, since whips are probably one of the easiest things to loose. 

How to Use a Dressage Whip

Dressage whips (as their name suggests) are used in dressage training. They are an amazing tool for horses that tend to be lazy and unwilling to put their hind end in action. Whip can be used when the horse doesn’t respond to leg – to get them focused on the leg again. Lightly tapping the horses back legs/butt is a signal for them to work harder with their hind end and be a tiny bit more ‘uphill’. Whips can also be used for schooling dressage elements like piaffe or passages, by showing the horses the right rhythm (also done by tapping).    

Dressage whips can be used not only for dressage. They are also a great tool for ground work. Some dressage elements can be taught from the ground and the whip is then used as an extension of your hand.  At your yard you can use dressage whips as your all-purpose whips. They are great for young and green horses, as they can be used without moving your hand too much, which is perfect for horses that are only starting to grasp the concept of contact.