Best Electric Fencing for Horses (UK – 2021)

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Even with tall fencing many horses try to escape from the pastures. Whether a horse tries to jump over the fencing or run through it, electric fencing is the easiest way to get in control of it. Electric fencing is cheap, easy to put on the fence and safe for horses. Therefore most stable owners decide to invest in an electric fence for their pastures. 

Best Electric Fencing for Horses (UK-2021)

Battery for Electric Fencing

Best Battery

This battery produces a force ideal for electric fencing (12V) and the battery life is long lasting. The battery has to be recharged only every half a year. This battery has a high temperature resistance, which means it should be working throughout the whole year, even when exposed to sun or other unfavorable conditions. 

Energiser for Electric Fencing 

SHIRE electric energiser is designed with horses in mind. The voltage is adequate and the system is waterproof. It releases regular pulses of electricity. SHIRE provides you with a two year warranty and they add a few extra items to the purchase ( Earthing Rod, Battery Connection Wires and Crocodile Clips, Live Fence Connection Wire, Earth Connection Wire, Energiser Manual and Installation Guide)

Wire for Electric Fencing

Best Wire

Shire Electric Fence

Durable and ideal for horse pastures.

Available at Amazon

Shire electric fence polywire is 400 meters long, which should be enough to completely cover one pasture. Not only the length is very convenient but the materials are safe for horses. Polywire is expected to break if your horse runs into the wire or gets strangled. 

Spring Gate for Electrical Fencing 

Best Spring Gate

Electric Fence Spring Gate Kit

Up to five meters expansion. High quality make.

Available at Amazon

Electric Fencing Insulators 

Best Fencing Insulators

OUNONA Electric Fencing Ring Insulators

Versatile electricity insulators that can be placed in any material.

Available at Amazon

Poles to Build an Electric Fence 

Best Poles

Fi-Shock Poly Post

84 cm tall poles are a great solution when you don't have a fence already and are setting up a new pasture from scratch.

Available at Amazon

These poles are designed to attach an electric wire to them. They have special loops which make the process very quick and easy. The piece of the pole that is inserted into the ground is made out of metal, making the poles more durable and less prone to breakage. 

What to Look for in an Electric Fence?

Building an electric fence requires a few elements. When buying them pay attention you are getting the right materials. Here are some factors to look at when buying electric fencing:

  • BATTERY. Battery creates electricity and is a necessary element of the electric fence. The battery ideal for electric fencing is labeled with 12V. Anything weaker might be ignored by horses and higher voltage could potentially be painful. It is important that the battery is waterproof, since the pastures are outside and it might be exposed to rain or moisture. 
  • ENERGISER. Buy one that is designed for livestock. Energiser converts the energy from the battery into electrical impulses of the right voltage. 
  • WIRE. A horse, cattle and sheep dedicated wire should be bought. Horse dedicated wires are made of special materials that break when the horse is strangled or runs over the fence. Wires made of other materials aren’t very safe and might lead to your horse getting seriously injured. 
  • INSULATORS. Insulators should be easy to attach to a fence or poles (e.g. screw-in insulators)
  • SPRING GATE. Should be made out of non conductive materials, such as plastic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does electric fencing do?

Battery releases electrical energy in the form of pulses. The energy travels to the wire and further along it. If a horse (or human) touches the fence the electrical energy passes through the body to the soil and is no longer harmful. When the fence is touched one can feel an unpleasant stinging sensation. Horses can feel it too and quickly learn to avoid the fence. Electric fence does the following:

  • Prevents horses from biting and eating a wooden fencing 
  • Prevents horses from scratching their tail and maines on the fence 
  • Teaches horses to stay away from the fence correcting unwanted behaviours such escaping and jumping over the fence sd
  • Prevents horses from running over the fence and getting injured 

How do you install electric fencing for horses?

To install electric fencing from scratch you will need the following: a battery, energiser, wire, fencing insulators and a spring gate for safely entering the pasture even if the fence is around. How to install the fencing varies depending on whether you already have an existing fence or if you are building a new pasture from scratch. 


To install the electric fencing you need to screw in the fencing insulators into your basic fence. It is definitely easiest if your fence is made out of wood but it is not impossible to attach the insulators to a metal fence too. Then unfold the wire and build a circuit all around the fence (the wire is to be placed in the insulators). Both ends of the wire should be connected to a battery (through energiser). It is important that the battery is placed outside of the pasture, otherwise the horses could damage it. 


Installing a new fence without an already existing wooden or metal fence is also possible. First you need to buy plastic poles which you then have to stick into the soil. The suggested distance between the plastic poles is 4 meters. Then you attach the fencing insulators to the plastic poles (some omit this step and place the wire directly on the plastic poles. Both ends of the wire need to be attached to a battery  (through an energiser that controls the voltage) which again should be placed outside of the pasture. 

What if my electric fencing is too weak?

It is said that horses can learn from 2,000 volts voltage, but many aren’t bothered by such a low one. It is suggested that a voltage 3,000 volts is used with most horses and it is believed to be the most efficient. Anything stronger than that can be potentially painful and unpleasant to your horse. 

If the voltage of your electric fencing is too low, change your battery to a stronger one or buy a new energiser. There is no necessity to change the whole fencing. 

Is electric fencing dangerous to other pets?

No, electric fences designed for horses are also safe to other pets. The voltage is not high enough to cause any serious damage. Of Course cats, dogs, squirrels or other year animals will experience an unpleasant electric shock which might scare them off but the voltage dose is not lethal.