Best Eventing Boots for Riders (UK – 2021)

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In this article you will find a complete list of the most recommended horse riding boots for eventing riders. You must be wondering how are the eventing horse riding boots different from any other horse riding boots, and the answer to that is that they are basically the same thing. With eventing boots however the practicality and comfort is prioritised above fancy looks and extra designs. Eventing boots need to serve their purpose in all the three disciplines of dressage, showjumping and cross country. So here is the complete list of the highest quality and most durable riding boots for the most demanding equestrian.  

Top pick paddock/short boots 

Dublin Adults Evolution Double Zip Front Paddock Boots

Buying short boots and chaps separately is often a financially smarter decision than buying a single pair of long horse riding boots. These top pick, recommended dublin boots are worth the purchase with a nicely finished design and nothing but practical features. First off let’s discuss the front zip, a fairly rare but super practical design. The zip being placed in the front of the shoe has little contact with anything else, preventing it from constant rubbing and potential damage. Dublin has used the best quality leather available in brown and black color to suit all the tastes. Now let’s talk about the comfort: the company has placed a special memory foam into the foot bed, providing a soft surface for your foot as well as added carefully moulded side wall for an extra ankle support. How convenient. With a pair of chaps these boots will definitely serve their purpose in an eventing arena. 

Top pick long boots 

Tattini Terranova Long Riding Tall Boots With Grip Inserts

If you are one of the riders that absolutely can’t do short boots and chaps (I belong to that group too), get yourself a good pair of long boots. Long boots tend to be more costly but also much more comfortable. I am warning you though: once you start riding in one piece long boots, you will never want to get back to short boots and chaps. Why? The leg just works so much better in long boots. I have been lucky to try a few different pairs of long boots and by far my favorite were tattini terranova boots. Riding in these was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And that’s why they are the honest top recommendation on this page. They might seem like a bit of a luxury pick but I promise they are worth the money. One of the reasons I can recommend these boots for eventing is their rubber sole. Nowadays most riding boot soles are made out of rubber but unfortunately not all of them provide a good grip. Well these soles give you an amazing grip in the stirrups, especially appreciated during cross country. The leather is of the highest quality, feels soft and nice, nothing to be added here. Another super feature is the air ventilation system. Even during hot event days these boots will do their job without having you excessively sweat.  

Budget pick 

Horze Kilkenny Synthetic Leather Paddock Boots with Back Zip and Elastic Laces

Getting a good quality but cheap riding boots can be a serious challenge.This site however appreciates all the equestrians. Horze Kilkenny short boots look quite expensive but are actually really cheap. These boots are made out of synthetic leather, but despite it being synthetic the producer, as well as the users claim that they are soft. Fixed laces in the front provide a fancy look. These laces are not to be untied – there is also a convenient zipper on the back, making it very easy to put the shoes on and take them off. There is a special nob on the side to help you fixate the spurs in the ideal spot. Some riders claim that with intensive use the lifespan of these boots isn’t the longest, so if you are very serious about riding it might be a better option to save up and invest in a higher quality pair. But when it comes to the value for money aspect, these are a pretty good choice too. 

Most fashionable long boots in 2021

Mountain Horse Sovereign High Rider

Quite recently Mountain Horse brand released these fancy looking Sovereign chocolate brown leather, tall riding boots. These boots won the UK 2019 reward “Best in Test” by Horse and Rider. Their design is astonishing, with the leather seams in just the right places to make any calf look slim. They are made out of full grain high quality leather, with an innovative flex technology (allowing you to comfortably keep your heels down while riding). Steel shunks built into the boot soles improve your stability and foot grip while riding, which is crucial during eventing as I have already mentioned. These boots have laces in the front (for the fancy, fashionable look) and a zipper in the back. 

Most durable eventing boots 

ARIAT Women’s Heritage Iv Paddock Boot

The weakest spot of all the horse riding boots, no matter if short or long, is the zipp. Zippers tend to catch sand and dirt and are pretty short lived with an intense usage. Ariat created a very durable boot by simply getting rid of the zipper. They are laced up from the front. Made out of a decent natural leather with some nice features like spur nods and a rubber sole. Available in black and dark brown to suit all the tastes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eventing boots?

Eventing boots are versatile horse riding boots that can be used in all three disciplines: dressage, show jumping and cross country. 

What should you look for in eventing boots?

A good eventing boot should have the below features: 

  • Good quality leather for the comfort (full grain leather is more soft, elastic and flexible, making the shoe more comfortable in general)
  • Decent air ventilation to avoid sweating 
  • Should be versatile so that it can be used in the three disciplines: dressage, show jumping, cross country 
  • Should have a good rubber sole to provide the perfect grip (especially handy during cross country)
  • A nice additional feature are nods
  •  for the spurs that keep the spurs in a perfect position

Can you use jumping boots for eventing?

Yes, as long as they are comfortable and agree with the fei rule competition (especially when it comes to their color*) there is no reason not to use them. 

*other colors than black or brown should be avoided during the dressage test 

Can you use dressage boots for eventing?

Yes, although many boots designed with dressage in mind are made out of a less comfortable, stuffer and less flexible leather. Oftentimes dressage boots are extra long and designed to be used for riding with a longer leg in a dressage saddle. These might cause discomfort when you try to shorten your stirrups during show jumping or cross country. Moreover many dressage boots have fancy designs with lacquered leather and sparkles and these elements are very impractical during cross country (the boots might easily get damaged). Bearing all that in mind, I would suggest using dressage boots for dressage only and get a second pair for show jumping and dressage. 

Pro tip 

Always remember to take good care of your riding boots. Riding boots made out of a high quality leather will require frequent treatment with grease. It sounds like a hussle but trust me: boots that are being taken care off will last you years.