The Best Hoof Boots for Jumping in 2021

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This article reviews the five most popular and commonly picked hoof boots in the UK. When thinking about hoof boots we have to differentiate between hoof heel boots (also known as overreach bell boots) and full hoof boots. The first are more common and have been around for a while, whereas the full hoof boots are a rather new invention. Full boots cover the whole hoof, including the under hoof and the frog (a bit like human shoes). Heel boots as the name suggest, provide protection only to the heel and are more common in showjumping. 

The Best Hoof Boots for Jumping in 2021

Editor Choice

Veredus Tekno Shield

Designed with the highest respect to the horse's hoof anatomy, provides the best protection.

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Veredus is one of the top brands for horse leg protection products and often picked by the top class riders. Eva Ursin, an amazing show jumper and a famous instagram influencer is recommending them with a lot of  genuine enthusiasm. These tekno shield overreach boots/ heel boots are of an extremely good fit, equipped with a double fastening, leaving no chance of the boot rotating during riding and jumping. As these boots sit so well, they can also be used for eventing, for the cross country round (For more information about eventing boots for horses check out our article on Veredus boots are designed with the highest respect to the horse’s hoof anatomy and provide the top protection. Veredus released these boots in two colors: black and dark brown, to match everyone’s style. 

Budget Pick

These shires over reach bell boots are an amazing value for money. They are expensive and professional looking for a low price. They are fur trimmed to provide highest comfort to your horse and a good fit. Anti slip nodules in the back and a strong fastening in the front should prevent the boot from rotating and keep it in place throughout the ride. The material is light and breathable, perfect for all seasons. The outside of the boot is made out of an abrasion resistant material.  Available in black and brown in all sizes. 

Runner Up

LeMieux Carbonite Overreach Boot

These lightweight boots are perfect for flatwork, pole work and small jumping gymnastics. 

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High quality LeMieux Carbonite close fit overreach boots with an inner knob and a durable fastening to minimize rotation. Sporty looking with carbon touches. Lightweight and perfect for flatwork, polework and small jumping gymnastics. 

Best Full Boots

Cavallo Entry Level Boot

The entry level regular boot is an ideal boot to kick off your journey with full hoof boots. 

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Cavallo is one of the most serious brands about the full hoof boots. Unlike some of the other brands, cavallo investigates on and studies their newly released boots, making them the most trustworthy hoof boot brand on the market. They market their boots as jumping safe and claim that the boot takes on and absorbs the shocks of landing and jumping. The entry level regular boot is one of their basic boots, ideal to kick off your  journey with full hoof boots.  

Fifth Place

Cavallo Sport Boot

A perfect choice for serious riders.

Available at Amazon

Once you and your horse get more comfortable with the idea of a hoof boot, this is the most sporty and technologically advanced cavallo boot. Made out of 1000 denier nylon, these boots are super durable, tough, waterproof and rust proof. They are equipped with an additional drainage system to protect the hoof from water and mud. They have a strong velcro fastening on the front, keeping the boot in place. These boots do not require you to buy any additional paddings, so are a one time cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need hoof boots for jumping?

Hoof heel boots are often used to protect the front hoof heels in horses that have a long stride and a powerful and active hind end. They are pretty much a more sporty and technologically advanced version of bell boots. At higher levels of show jumping it is not uncommon for horses to land on their front hoof heels with their hind hooves. But are the hoof boots really necessary?

If your horse noticeably often taps its front hooves with the back ones (also during flatwork)  you should consider investing in a pair of boots. If you aren’t a professional show jumper in a high sport, normal bell boots should do the job and save you a bit of money. Get a pair of hoof heel boots or overreach bell boots only if you are serious about jumping and feel like they are necessary in your training. 

With full hoof boots it’s a completely different situation. These boots are used with horses that for health related reasons or owner’s personal preferences can not wear horseshoes but are exposed to rough soil and terrain. Such boots are becoming very popular in endurance riding. They are still rare in showjumping because they are a new invention and still under study. First results reveal that they can be beneficial in showjumping too as they absorb the impact of landing and redistribute the pressure equally. If you consider buying a set of full boots, ask your vet, physiotherapist, farrier or other professional if full hoof boots would be beneficial for your horse.  

Hoof boots for hind hooves? 

Most of the time hoof boots for hind hooves are unnecessary. You might come across horses wearing these at riding schools, to avoid a horse getting injured by the horse following it in a line. 

How do you put on hoof boots?

Before putting on any hoof boots carefully clean the horses hoof.  Hoof heel boots or bell boots usually have a clasp in the front or on the side of the boots, same goes with the full hoof boots. To put the second ones on you will have to lift your horse’s hoof up first.