The Best Hoof Care Products for Horses (UK-2021)

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It is challenging to keep your horse’s hooves in the best condition and shape all year round. Horse’s feet are exposed to unfavourable conditions all year round, including moisture, mud, snow or dry sand. Below is a list of the top products when it comes to a maintenance of a healthy hoof.

The Best Hoof Care Products for Horses 2021

Editor Choice


This amazing hoof care product contains tea tree which has strong moisturising properties.

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Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Tea Tree Hoof Oil will make your horses hooves naturally healthy and shiny. Tea oils are known for their moisturising properties and work wonders with dry hooves. Additionally the oils are said to have antibacterial and anti fungal properties, ideal for horses that spend majority of their time in the stall. This product however should not be used to cure already existing hoof infections but rather as a conditioner for a relatively healthy hoof that is lacking a shine. Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Tea Tree Hoof Oil comes in a 500 ml can with a leakage-proof lid on top and a hoof brush inside. The brush makes it easy to apply the oil onto the horse feet, without making mess. Many horse owners recommend this product because it is easy in application and does not cause mess, even if left in a non vertical position. Horse owners are also very happy with the results and say their horse has got significantly more shine to the hooves. Tea tree hoof oils have a pleasant but specific smell and might take time for your horse to get accustomed to it. For a healthy hoof maintenance the hoof oil should be applied weekly to a clean and dry hoof wall. If your horses feet are dry and unhealthy it might be necessary to apply the product more often.

Budget Pick

NAF Hoof Oil

Excellent value for money hoof oil that promotes hoof health.

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NAF Hoof Oil is a common pick among horse owners because it is budget friendly. It is not lacking any quality and is often recommended by a farrier, veterinarian or a hoof care professional. NAF Hoof Oil comes in a 500 ml can which unfortunately lacks a brush. A hoof brush has to be bought separately. For the best results and healthy hooves the hoof oils should be applied at least once per week on horse’s hooves. The hoof oils leave a glossy polish effect on the hoof wall. For more advice on horse owner hoof care visit NAF official site.

Luxury Pick

Absorbine Hooflex

Absorbine is one of the leading brands on horse care products.

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Absorbine Hooflex Original Liquid Hoof Conditioner is made of a mix of natural herbal oils that promote healthy feet. The product is healthy for the environment too. Absorbine hoof liquid comes in a 450 ml container with a leakage proof lid and a brush inside for that hustle free application and use. It is one of the highest recommended hoof care product by farriers. Absorbine hoof liquid is naturally anti fungal and antibacterial. It creates a breathable moisture barrier on the horses hoof, providing a nice glossy, polish finish. It is ideal for a damaged, cracked, chipped and dry hoof but can also be used for a nice feet finish art a show ring.

Best for Glossy Looks


This product is dedicated for competition horses for the extreme hoof gloss in a show ring.

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Supreme Product Hoof Gloss is a vegetable grease based hoof polish dedicated to any horse with black hooves. It is meant to be applied on a hoof wall a day prior to the competition and left overnight to soak into the horse hooves. One more layer can be added the day of the competition for a glossy final look.

Best for a Hoof Frog

Leovet Horse Frogmedic Spray

If your horse suffers from a hoof frog we highly recommend this product.

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Leovet Frogmedic Spray is the best solution to a hoof frog. Hoof frog likes to show up when your horse hooves are exposed to excessive moisture and damp (on the pastures from a wet grass, on the paddocks from the mud or in the stall from wet bedding from faces and urine). It can be observed from the bottom of the hoof, when you lift it up. Therefore it is important to clean your horses hooves with a hoof pick daily and provide it with a good and regular farrier care. Keeping your horse’s hooves healthy and frog free can be achieved by using frog dedicated products such as Leovet Frogmedic Spray. The best feature of this product is that it comes in a spray form, super easy and quick to apply. Specifically designed lid with a beak allows for precise application to the infected areas or spots. The product penetrates deeply into the hoof, curing hoof frog even in the most challanging sports. Leovet Frogmedic Spray acts on the frog by drying it completely, stopping further deterioration and allowing for the new healthy hoof tissue to grow.

Best for Healthy Soles

Red Horse Products Field Paste

Paste dedicated specifically for hoof sole care.

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Most hoof products are meant to be applied on the outside of the hoof, whereas Red Horse Products Field Paste is one of a few products found on the market that conditions the sole of horse’s feet. The paste contains zinc oxide, eucalyptus oil, honey, green French clay and zinc sulphate. This combination has disinfectant properties, fighting and preventing bacterial, fungal and yeast infections of the hoof. It protects from hoof frog and promotes growth of a healthy tissue by toughening the sole. A thin layer of the thick Field Paste should be applied to completely cover the whole hoof sole and left in order for the paste to diffuse into the tissue. In addition to the previously mentioned miraculous effects the paste brings, it also has cooling properties making it ideal for use during injuries of the sole that result in swelling and bruising.

What to Look for in Hoof Care Products for Horses

Here is a few things to look at when finding the best hoof care products.

A smart design of a container

As most hoof care products come in a liquid or semi liquid form, it is important that the design and quality of the container prevents from leakage and is easy to be cleaned. It is important because most hoof feet products are oil based and potential spill or leakage would be difficult if not impossible to clean.

Presence of a brush

A brush makes it easy to put on the product on horse’s hooves without getting yourself dirty. A brush attached to the lid of a hoof dressing product is the most convenient option, otherwise a separate brush needs to be bought and carefully cleaned after every single use on your horse. Remember to never use the brush from your hoof pick to apply the product on your horses feet. The hoof pick brush is too hard and will be harsh on your horse’s hooves.

Use Before Date

As many products for the hooves are oil based, it is important to watch out for the ‘use before’ date. Old, rancid oil might have a bad smell and a negative, slightly toxic effect on the horse’s hooves. For that reason it is also important to store hoof care products in the right environment (in a shaded and cool location). If you have doubts about a product for hooves, seek professional advice from your farrier.

Specificity of the Product

Always pay attention to the description of the care product. Most care products are dedicated to dry and brittle hooves, but the rest is meant to be used on overly wet hooves (e.g. frog cures) So bare that in mind and always carefully read the product description or seek a professional farrier care advice in order to provide your horse with the best possible care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask when choosing the best product for their horse’s feet.

How often should I apply to oil to keep my horses feet healthy?

To keep your horses hooves healthy apply the product on the horse hooves at least once a week. It might be necessary to use a product more often if a horse has seriously damaged, chipped or dry feet.

How to store the hoof oil/conditioner?

Horse hoof oils and conditioners should be stored in the right environment: in a shaded and cool location, to prevent them from going rancid.

Do hoof bell boots prevent the hooves from breaking?

Hoof boots, also known as bell boots are a good solution for horses that damage the back of their hooves when riding, but aren’t a solution to weak and cracking hooves. For more information on hoof boots, check out our complete guide on hoof boots.

Other Hoof Products We Reviewed

We looked at a number of other hoof care options and decided it is worth mentioning about horse supplements for hoof health. Even though they aren’t a direct hoof care product, your horse will highly benefit from them.

NAF Biotin Plus

This biotin supplement is everything your horse's hooves and coat need to be healthy and shiny.

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NAF Biotin Plus is a mix of vitamins and minerals in a powdered form. it includes a complex of B vitamins (such a biotin), zinc, calcium, methionine and MSM (sulphur containing substance that aids in collagen formation). This power combination promotes a healthy hoof growth from the inside. In addition to healthy hooves, your horses coat, mane and tail will also highly benefit and become naturally shiny. For more information on coat supplements we invite you to check out our complete guide to supplements for a Shiny Horse Coat. It comes in 1,5 kg to 18 kg boxes. The detailed information about the daily dosage can found on NAF site or on the label directions.

Head To Hoof Formula

Complete formula for a horse of any age and condition.

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Head to Hoof Formula takes care of your horse’s hooves and skin from the inside. It comes in a powdered form that is to be given with your horses daily feed. Unlike any other hoof supplement on the market, this one contains probiotics. Especially crucial with horses with digestive issues, such as stomach ulcers or allergies. Probiotics rebuilt the gut flora letting your horse efficiently absorb vitamins and minerals. After all, a poor hoof condition might be a result of inefficient vitamin absorption rather than lack of them in a horse’s diet. Other than probiotics, this supplement promotes hoof health with high concentration of biotin, zinc, amino acids, iron, selenium, vitamin C, magnesium, MSM, vitamin E and many others. This complete set of vitamins aid horses in production of healthy collagen and connective tissue. The dosage should be given according to the label directions. Horse owners often use this formula to provide their horse with a good care all year round. Head to Hoof Formula is also often recommended by veterinarians and farriers.