The Best Horse Calming Supplements in 2021

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Stress in horses can show in many different ways and have a negative effect on your performance and training. If you notice signs of stress such as nervousness, anxiety, spookiness, aggressiveness or unnatural behaviour in your horse, it might be the right time to consider introducing a calming supplement into your horses diet. Most supplements are based on natural herbs and oils, making them safe for everyday use for a prolonged period of time. The most commonly used herbs are valerian root and chamomile. Many calming supplements are moreover based on magnesium and vitamin E, which both act on the nervous system. Below are some of the highest rated and most effective horse calming supplements. 

The Best Horse Calming Supplements in 2021

Editor Choice

Naf Magic Calming Horse Supplements

This supplement contains pure magnesium oxide which quickly acts on the nervous system to help your horse control its energy and emotions. Ideal for spooky, hot and stressed horses.

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Naf Magic is a tasty supplement based on magnesium. Magnesium regulates the nervous system helping your horse control its energy, keep calm and focused. Magnesium is also crucial for muscle relaxation and repair. Naf Magic Calming supplement has an improved herbal formula, making it more appealing even for the picky horses. This supplement doesn’t cause sedation which makes it great for sport horses during the competition season.  The effect shows after 7 days of supplementation. The box is 3 kg, and lasts for 60-120 days of daily supplementation, depending on your use.  

Runner Up

James Hart Solutions V-Calm

Valerian extract in a liquid form is a great quick acting solution for anxious and excitable horses.

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The biggest con of most calming supplements is the time they take to give noticeable, satisfying results. Most herbs need at least 7 days of supplementation to really show their effect. James Hart V-Calm is a valerian liquid concentrate that kicks in after less than half an hour. It makes it a unique product on the market, perfect for usage in unplanned and emergency situations. The bottle has a dispenser, making it very easy to use. Valerine might show in some dope tests so avoid it for at least 24 hours prior to your competition. 

Third Place

Day Son and Hewitt Relaxin

This supplement is packaged in a very convenient single use sachets. Great for traveling or competitions.

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A pretty packaging and awesome branding is not all that this great product has to offer. This supplement, unlike all others is pre-divided into a single use sachets, making it unbelievably easy to use. The powdered blend which includes magnesium and B vitamins is to be added to the daily meal. This supplement can be used for a long period of time and can be safely used even during the competitions. 

Fourth Place

Equinutritive No More Nerves Horse Calmer

100% natural ingredients such as herbs, that act on your horses nervous system and promote a healthy digestion.

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100 % natural supplement based on herbs only. The supplement consists of vervain, lemon balm, chamomile, raspberry leaf, passionflower, marshmallow root and peppermint. All of these ingredients effectively regulate the nervous function, making your horse less anxious and spooky. Such combination of herbs also brings positive side-benefits such as improved digestion, skin condition and immunity.  The herbs can be given dry or soaked in water, being a flavourful addition to your horse’s meals. No More Nerves is a magnesium-free calmer so it can be supplemented for an extended period of time without stress of reaching a magnesium overdose. 

Fifth Place

Wendals Calmer

A herb based supplement that can be safely used for extended periods of time for horses that require a whole year round supplementation with a calmer.

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Wendals Calmer is another very highly rated and widely recommended herbal calming supplement. 1 kg box consists of a mix of dry herbs to last for just under a month of supplementation. It consists of chamomile,  dandelion,  fenugreek seed, hops, red clover, thyme and valerian root. Watch out for the last ingredient if your horse is competing – it can be tested under Jockey Club rules. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my horse is too energetic?

Some horses, like the warmbloods, are naturally more energetic than others. If you however experience a sudden boost in your horse’s energy levels, review your horse’s diet and training before introducing a new calming supplement. Main things to consider are:

  • Your horse is being fed a too energy-rich diet that consists of too many fast energy release feeds (i.e. oats)
  • Your horse is not getting enough exercise (by rides, lunging, field time or other forms of movement)
  • Your horse is dealing with stress and anxiety due to factors that can be eliminated. They can be due to a medical reason like pain caused by digestive tract ulcers, or poorly fitted riding equipment. A good vet, physiotherapist, osteopath or magnetic therapy should be able to fix your problem. 

If you rule out all of the above causes, and your horse is still too energetic, introduce a calming supplement to daily feeding. Try to avoid situations that induce stress. Exercise your horse regularly but remember NOT TO OVER EXERCISE it- it might have an opposite effect. If your horse is too energetic under the saddle, lunge it before riding to get the excess energy out. Value a routine. Horses that learn your routine and know what to expect are a lot calmer. 

How do I ride an energetic horse?

If a horse is too energetic during the rides, try lunging it first. It will help the horse get rid of the excess energy. While you are on the horse, keep your hands and contact soft. Keep your horse busy and focused by riding circles, poles and doing a lot of flatwork. Work on your transitions and keep your horse thinking.