The Best Horse Clippers in 2021

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Horse clippers fall into three different categories: Heavy-duty, lightweight clippers, and horse trimmers. If you are looking at clipping your horse completely, or have a horse with long and thick coat, heavy-duty clippers is what you need. If you are clipping your horse only partially, or doing summer clipping, lightweight clippers will do just fine. Trimmers are typically used to neatly clip the longer hairs around the horses face, hooves, mane and tail and should not be used to clip the horses body. 

Best Heavy-duty Horse Clippers 

Best clippers to do a whole body clip quickly and without a hassle.  

Masterclip Ranger A2 Horse Clipper 

Masterclip clippers are by far my favorite clippers on the market. I have tried quite a few different ones, but none leave such a clean and neat looking clipping work. Clipping can be done fast, since the head is a decent size. The best thing about these clippers is the incredibly good air cooling system, which prevents the clippers’ motor from overheating. When the clippers aren’t overheated you can continuously work on the actual clipping without needing to take longer breaks. I would say there are two downsides to these clippers. Firstly these clippers are pretty loud and thus not ideal for young or fearful horses. Secondly these clippers are quite heavy. In total they weigh over 3,5 kg which is a fair bit of weight to hold in one hand. I therefore like to use both hands when clipping. These clippers are corded and come with 1.5 mm blades. Extra blades (thinner or thicker) can be bought from masterclip, all compatible with this device. The blades are more durable comparing to many other blades thanks to having sharper cutting edges that do not wear off so quickly. Masterclip provides you with a two year warranty programme for all their clippers, which is totally free of charge. 

Masterclip Award Winning V Series Variable Speed Heavy Duty Horse Clipper

These clippers are best of the best. They won the “Best in Test” award by Your Horse Magazine in 2015. They are more pricey than the standard masterclip heavy duty clippers (previously shown), but are improved and free of all the downsides. These are heavy duty clippers in a body of light-weight clippers, they only weigh 830 grams and are super comfortable to hold your hand. They have a sound blocking system, so a lot less noise is produced – ideal for young, inpatient, delicate and fearful horses. These clippers come with a cord, but can be used cordless with an additional battery that can be bought seperately. 1.5 mm A2 blades are included in your purchase. Just like any other masterclip clippers they come with a two year warranty, free of charge. 

Best Lightweight Clippers 

Lightweight clippers are typically smaller than heavy-duty clippers. They are less efficient but typically more precise and quieter. They also tend to be a lot cheaper. 

Masterclip Lightweight Hunter Clipper

This lightweight clipper comes with a set of two A2 blades. Different blades can be bought seperately from masterclip. It’s quieter than a heavy-duty clipper and gives you more precision during clipping. Ideal for clipping patterns. It is corded, but unfortunately the cord isn’t very long, you might need to get yourself an extra extension cord. You are provided a full two year warranty. 

Best Horse Trimmers 

Trimmers are the ideal choice to polish off a work done by the heavy duty clippers or clean the sides of the horses hooves, ears, face, mane and tail. They are smaller in size and give you more precision to your work and therefore are also great for clipping small patterns on the horses coat.  

Lister Adagio Trimmer

Extremely stylish and pretty looking. Comes in glittery purple color. Nice size to hold in hand and maneuver around. The motor is quiet, good for nervous horses and youngstock. These trimmers are cordless and come with a battery.  The battery is fast charging (fully charged within less than 3 hours) and lasts up to 1.5 hours, just enough time to finish a neat clip. The length of clipping is adjustable (anything from 0.7 to 3 mm). The blades can be quickly changed or removed for cleaning or cooling (they have an easy clip-on, clip-off system). These horse trimmers will be ideal for cleaning the tail, mane, sides of the face, ears or hooves. I personally like to use trimmers for the more detailed work like the fancy clip patterns.  

What to Look for in Horse Clippers

Good horse clippers should be able to perform their job continuously, without needing a long rest to cool down. A good aeration or cooling system is a must. With some horses, especially nervous ones or youngsters, it is crucial to keep the sound levels low. Sound blocking system which makes the clippers work quietly is a lovely addition. Ideal horse clippers should also be light and easy to hold in your hand, to make maneuvering and time consuming clipping easier and more efficient. 

Cordless vs Mains Horse Clippers: What to Choose

Cordless clippers are believed to be safer and more convenient. Their downside is a higher price in comparison to corded clippers. The battery also tends to wear off with time and every next clip needs to be done quicker. The truth is that corded clippers are a better value for money. Most of the time, the cord is a few meters long, and definitely long enough to do the job neatly. If you aren’t convinced go with a pair of clippers that can be used both corded or with a a battery.