The Best Horse Fly Repellent (UK-2021)

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There are multiple fry sprays for horses available on the market. Many of them, as you have probably experienced weren’t worth your money and time as they wear off very quickly and are not very effective in repelling flies and other insects. So here is a complete list of fly repellents that actually work and are long lasting.

The Best Horse Fly Repellent (UK-2021)

The Top-Rated Horse Fly Sprays

Editor Choice

NAF Off Citronella Spray

Undoubtedly one of the top selling, most popular sprays in the UK.

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Citronella spray produced by NAF is a lovely smelling and one of the most effective and long lasting sprays on the market. It’s formula contains natural citronella oil that produces a fragrant citronella scent. The oil doesn’t wear off quickly even if the horse sweats or the weather conditions aren’t favourable (i.e. rain or high moisture). This NAF spray is dedicated to horses only and should not be used on humans. NAF released a stronger version of Citronella spray that comes is a pink bottle, also called NAF Off Extra Effect which can be used in areas where insects are very abundant and disturbing.

Budget Pick

PFERDEPFLEGE24 Horse fly spray & insect repellent

Cheeper but equally effective protection from the insects.

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PFERDEPFLEGE24 spray is one of the cheaper products on the market, yet highly reviewed by many equestrians on amazon. It comes in a handy spray bottle, easy to use and long lasting. The main ingredients in the formula are ethanol, N,N-diethyl-m-toulamides( DEET; most commonly used insecticide) and aloe vera that has skin soothing properties and improves the condition of the coat. A fragrance is added to mask irritating smell to humans and horses. This spray can be used on both horse and the rider.

Luxury Pick

Absorbine UltraShield

Super effective fly control spray for horses, tack and buildings.

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Absorbine UltraShield is on the the best if not the best fly sprays for horses. Effective in repelling all sorts of biting insects like horse flies, mosquitos or ticks. Insecticide ingredients in the spray (Permethrin and Pyrethrin) instantly kill the flies and bugs. Therefore this product can be used not only on horses but also in the buildings, tack room, tack boxes, or any other insect-abundant location. UltraShield is human safe. Long lasting protection (up to 14 days) can be attributed to ingredients such as citronella oil and aloe. The smell is very pleasant and not human-irritating at all. Absorbine UltraShield is by far one of my personal favourite fly sprays for horses.

Runner Up


Horse owners favourite spray with a natural coat conditioning formula. This fly spray contains essential oils that nourish your horses coat.

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Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent spray works for all insects, bugs and flies. It defies all blood sucking and nuisance flying insects including midge, bot, horsefly, house, stables and black flies and also deer flies. The natural formula not only repels the insects but also helps with the sting, irritation by lowering the inflammation. Therefore it effectively stops the need to rub. The formula also contains avocado oil, which is high in vitamins A, D, and E acting as a natural coat conditioner. The formula is safe to be applied to pink and exposed ares. Free from all prohibited substances under current fei and hra rules. First a durable spray bottle with the repellent must be purchased and then a refill can bought any time you are running low on the product.

Environmentally Friendly

Anti Tick and Mosquito Spray by TICKEX

Organic Botanical spray for horses 100% organic, vegan, contains no chemicals or harmful ingredients.

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For all of the horse owners that care for their horses, but are also no indifferent to the environment, TICKEX spray will be an ideal option. Unlike other sprays, TICKEX contains no harmful substances such as pesticides, or biocides. The formula is free from parabens and sulphates. Made out of natural essential oils and a range of other natural and organic ingredients, is not only insect repellent but also improves the condition of the horses skin and coat. It can be safely used on humans and other pets too. This natural fly repellent has no effect on the environment and the ecosystems whatsoever.

What to Look for in Fly Spray for Horses

Here are some things to look at when buying the best fly spray for your horse:

Long lasting

A good horse fly spray should be effective agains flies for at least half a day and should not wear off during sweating, rain or hot, humid weather conditions. Look for sprays that contain oils as these tend to be much longer lasting.

Neutral Smell

Fly sprays for horses shouldn’t have an irritating smell that will bother your horse. The smell should be relatively neutral and delicate. Avoid sprays with a strong and artificial smell.

Other Beneficial Ingredients

Additional ingredients such as essential oil or herbs can be beneficial to your horses skin and coat.

Easy to Use

The spray should be easy to use around. The most common are fly sprays for horses that come in spray bottles but some prefer a product that comes in a form of a horse fly gel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask when choosing Horse Fly Sprays:

How to apply the Horse Fly Spray?

For the best effect fly sprays for horses should be applied after a good wash with a shampoo, when all the dirt is out of the way. Then a thin layer of the fly spray should be evenly sprayed across the entire coat, paying close attention to the more venerable areas such as legs, belly, shoulders, neck and horses head.

Are there any natural remedies to flies?

Some claim that adding powdered garlic to your horses feed during the insect season, makes your horse less attractive to the biting bugs. Garlic also boosts the immune system and has multiple more benefits, so why not give it a try?

Other Fly Control Methods We Have Reviewed

Fly sprays for horses are the quickest and easiest way to protect your horse from flies. But here are some of the other products worth looking at when flies are a real problem.

Horse Fly Sheets and Fly Masks

Best On Horse Sheet

This complete set will successfully free your horse from the fly problem. This rug has it all will give your horse a perfect uv and fly protection.

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Best On Horse UV Protection Full Neck Sheet is a great alternative to a fly spray for horses. If you combine the spray method with this sheet set you will achieve a more satisfactory result without a doubt. Zebra pattern on the sheet is there for a good reason: it is a natural fly repellent pattern. The sheet is light and can be used in the summer. An extra UV filter will additionally protect your horse from the sun rays. For more information about fly sheets for horses, check out our complete guide to The Best Fly Sheets (UK-2021).

Horse Fly Gel

NAF Off Citronella Gel

Gel is a great alternative to a fly spray for horses.

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NAF Off Citronella Gel is one of the top recommended, best fly repelling methods. It has a similar formula to NAF fly spray, except this product comes in a form of a gel. It is nice smelling and easy to apply after your horse has been washed. Gel form makes it longer lasting and more difficult to wear off even if your horse sweats.