The Best Horse Grooming Kits in 2021

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A grooming kit consists of a basic set of tools each equestrian should have. For hygienic, health and veterinary reasons tools should not be shared between horses and every horse should have their own set of grooming tools. This article covers all the aspects of picking the best horse grooming kit together with our recommendations. 

A Set That ‘Best Value for Money’

Charles Bentley Slip Grooming Kits With Box

Supper pretty, complete and functional set of tools for grooming your horse.

Available at Amazon

This pretty kit in a pink or blue color has a decent quality set of eight grooming tools. It contains all necessary tools and you will not need to buy anything extra. The tools are covered with an anti-slip surface for a better grip and come with a pink or blue box. 

Luxury Pick

Horze Wooden Grooming Set

This wooden set has a high quality feel to it and an expensive, luxurious look. It will satisfy the most demanding, professional riders.

Available at Amazon

Nothing provides more of a luxury feel than wooden accents. This classy black grooming kit comes with polishing tools that others sets lack, such as sisal towel and sisal gloves. The grooming tools come with a black rip-stop bag with enough space for you to add a few of your own tools. 

Most Fashionable’

Charles Bentley Equestrian Deluxe Grooming Set

This pretty set has everything you will need to clean your horse.

Available at Amazon

Seven very pretty and fashionable high quality grooming tools, in mint and navy color that come with a stylish, bentley bag. All the tools are covered with an anti-slip surface to make cleaning quick and easy. 

A Set That ‘Has it All’

Compact and classy looking bag with seven different grooming tools. You need nothing more. It has a handle and an detachable shoulder strap.The kit comes with a curry comb, stiff grooming brush, soft grooming brush, mane and tail comb, mane and tail brush and hoof pick. Available in two different color schemes: blue and pink. 

Best Set for a Young Rider’

Little Rider Unicorn Complete Grooming Rucksack

This set comes in a cute rucksack and will make an ideal grooming set for every stable princess.

Available at Amazon

This grooming kit is super fashionable and eye catching. Each tool is decorated with unicorn and rainbow prints and has pink accents. This set is ideal as a gift for a little horse princess or a unicorn lover. It is easy to carry around- the tools come with a rucksack.  The set includes: a dandy brush, body brush, face brush, curry comb, mane comb and a hoof pick. There is extra space in the rucksack for carrying other valuables around the stable.  

What should you look for in a horse grooming kit?

Number of the Elements 

Number of the elements differ between the sets. Typically a grooming set contains a minimum of four tools, but most sets have an average of six tools. The more pieces the better. Basic kits contain a couple of brushes, including a brush for coat, mane and tail and a hoof pick. Some kits have extra pieces like sponges, massagers, additional brushes for the face or a curry comb and a sweat scraper. If you are not sure about picking between a smaller or bigger set, go with the bigger one (from my own experience you will make a use out of all the elements anyway). 

Has all the necessities 

A grooming kit should contain all the basic tools that are necessary to give your horse a decent clean. These include: body brush, mane and tail comb and a hoof pick. 

Bag or Box

I would not recommend going for sets that do not come with a bag. Bag helps you keep all the pieces together, which is necessary to avoid losing them. It also makes it a lot easier to carry the tools around the stable or for a competition. If you can, get a set with more space than the tools need – you will be able to buy yourself a few more cleaning products and tools in the future and keep it all together. 

Bags that are made out of material are the most common. A material bag is easy to carry but it’s biggest con is that it gets dirty quite easily and will require frequent washing. If you decide to go for a material bag, get one in a dark color. Some kits come with a plastic bag, which doesn’t have quite the same ‘luxury’ feel. A plastic is however see through, which will help you find all the tools super quickly. The longest lasting and most appropriate for the stable are tool boxes. 

When picking a kit, pick a box or a bag that has a handle, so that it is easy to carry around. Some kits have a shoulder strap which is also very convenient. Kits which come with a rucksack are great for kids that come to an equestrian school for riding lessons. 


When speaking about the quality of a grooming kit, we mainly have to consider the quality of the brushes. Good horse brushes are made out of natural horse hair and lambskin and give your horses coat a natural shine


The design is of a personal preference, however all the elements that make up a good grooming kit should be of the same design, color and should match the whole set. The most fashionable kits come with a metal tool box. 

Can you make your own horse grooming kit?

You absolutely can make your own grooming kit, in fact plenty of equestrians do that. The biggest downside to making your own kit is probably the cost, as it is most profitable to get all the tools in a bundle. Buying all the elements separately will make up to a bigger cost. It is also going to be quite difficult to get all the cleaning tools to match (colorwise etc.), but have fun experimenting and enjoy collecting your favorite brushes and grooming tools.