The Best Horse Riding Insurance in 2021

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You do not have to be a horse owner to get yourself a riding insurance. Horse riding insurance is a perfect option for riders at all levels in all riding disciplines, at all ages. Riding insurance can be handy even for the new beginner riders. This article will cover all the aspects a good insurance for riders and horses should include, so that you can pick the best and most suitable insurance for yourself. Below are three most recommended and best value insurance quotes for riders and horses in the UK. 

What to Look for in Horse Riding Insurance

A good riding insurance should include:


Public liability

Public liability is when the horse you are riding causes damage to someone else’s property or health. The insurance should pay to cover for the damage your riding has caused including medical expenses for people that suffered. Public liability doesn’t cover the cost of the damage your horse caused by itself by for example running free. The horse you are riding can be any horse (including school horses) and you do not have to be the owner. 


Good insurance should cover the medical costs. Many insurance companies only pay out for single medical costs or procedures and exclude a permanent damage. Good medical insurance accounts for a permanent damage but can also get much more costly. Most horse riding insurances require you to pay extra for insurance during competitions and events. Please note that most companies will not pay out your insurance if you have been riding without a helmet. 


A single time pay out for your family in case of a lethal that took place when riding. 


Vet care

Most insurances will pay for the vet bills resulted from injuries. For competition horses an extra insurance is needed which specifies the exact discipline your horse is competing in, otherwise the insurance doesn’t cover for damage that happens on competition grounds. The companies usually doesn’t cover the costs chronic illness your horse is suffering from. Insurance companies require your horses veterinary history before they give you a deal. The exact cost is individual. 


Good insurance covers the costs of searching for your horse when it was stolen and pay you out a single time if a horse wasn’t found. 


In case of your horses death you get a single time pay out. This only applies if the death was due to an accident and not for natural reasons or illness. 

Best Horse Insurance Companies in the UK


This insurance company is dedicated to riders, horses, horse owners and everyone in the equine industry. It has the best deals for competition horses (of all disciplines) and advanced sport riders. In addition is offers insurance of horse carriers, trailers, boxes, equine properties (stables, stalls etc.) and pony and riding clubs. 

PetPlan Equine 

Another equine-dedicated insurance company based in the UK. It offers two different, separate insurances for riders and horses. Riders of any level can apply. It is budget friendly and you are given a one month free if you get an annual insurance. 

Horse Insurance UK

Horse Insurance UK is the probably most flexible equine insurance company on the market. The company lets you pick and choose your own policies so that you can create a deal which suits you and your needs best. You can decide to only get a medical/veterinary insurance or perhaps only the public liability. Whatever suits your needs best. The cost is calculated individually depending on what aspects you need the insurance to cover. 

How Much Does Horse Riding Insurance Cost?


Basic riders insurance costs start at about  £200 per year. Such insurance covers the medical expenses if a rider gets injured and riders liability (your horse causing damage to someone else when you have been riding). The basic insurance packages do not include competition insurance. Insurance for competitions (any damage that happens at the competition ground) needs to be bought seperately and cost around an additional  £100. Typically insurance for kids and young people is more pricey, whereas older riders can count on a cheaper deal. Many companies provide discounts for people anyhow certified of their skills: trainer papers, pony club certificates etc. 


The cost of insuring your horse is very dependent on the age, use, heath and value of your horse. Full insurance of a competition horse will most definitely exceed £50 per month and can be a lot more than that. For pleasure horses the cost is expected to be less but will most definitely not go below £25 per month. You have to be aware that most companies only offer to return around  £1000-3000 for vet bills, which might not even be enough to cover for a serious injury anyway. 


Some companies offer insurance of horse tack and horse equipment, such as horse trailers or horse boxes. The cost of this sort of insurance is dependent on the value of your equipment and the offer is often placed individually.