The 5 Best Horse Salt Licks: Buyer’s Guide (UK 2021)

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Salt is very important is every horses diet. Typically a horse requires one to two ounces of salt a day, depending on its size and the severity of sweating. Horses should be offered a free access to salt licks at all times. The demand for salt increases during the hot summer months and intensive training. Salt licks are probably the easiest way to introduce salt into your horses diet. There are many different salt licks, some flavoured, some natural and some in a form that can be used as a treat. Here are some of the best ones:

Best Horse Salt Licks of 2021

Breakdown of the Best Horse Salt Licks

Editor Choice

Darlies Organic Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lick

This tasty salt lick has all the minerals that your horse needs and comes with a rope for easy attachment to the stall

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Himalayan salt licks are one of the most popular and widely recommended salt licks for horses and other animals. Himalayan salt contains many trace elements beneficial for the condition of your horses skin, coat or hooves. Horses usually enjoy himalayan salt more than typical NaCl salt licks and use them more often. Darlies himalayan salt lick contains no additives or unnatural substances. This salt lick comes with a rope so you can hang your salt lick wherever it suits you best. A salt lick holder will not be necessary for this lick. Darlies salt licks come in three different sizes: 1 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg. If you are looking for a salt lick for one horse I would recommend going with the medium size (3kg). 


Hilton Herbs Himalayan Black Rock Salt Lick

This black salt lick claims to improve horse eyesight, digestion, and skin thanks to a wide variety of electrolytes

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Pink himalayan salt is super popular among horse owners. Black himalayan salt is a Ayurvedic variation of pink himalayan salt. It is actually the same product but enhanced with the seed of the black myrobalan tree, herbs and spices. The black color comes from the seeds, also known as the harad seeds, which naturally contain a lot of sulphur. Sulphur improves the condition of the collagenous tissue in horses (starting from joints finishing on the skin), therefor is a great product for older horses or horses in intensive training. The spices and herbs make the lick more flavourful and appealing to picky horses and improve the digestion. This lick comes in blocks of 1 kg. 

Third Place

Signature Likit Starter Kit

Give your horse some variety with this salt lick kit featuring three different flavours (apple, carrot, and cherry). This kit contains everything you need to spoil your horse!

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Likit salt licks are an amazing way to keep your horse entertained. It is a great lick for horses that spend many hours inside the stalls, or for horses that have weaving or cribbing problem. Likit salt licks come in many flavours, the starter set contains three:  apple, carrot and cherry. You also get a likit holder, where you place your likit salt block of a desired flavour. The holder should be attached in a way that the salt lick hangs around, so that that your horse can move it and play with it. Likit salt licks are flavoured and thus enjoyed even by the most picky horses. All likit salt blocks fit into the likit holder, so once your horse finishes the starter set, you can order more salt licks of any flavor.

Fourth Place

Rockies MagnaCalm Lick

High in magnesium, this salt lick will keep your horse calm and relaxed

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This salt lick is made out of purified Cheshire salt enhanced with magnesium. Magnesium is a common ingredient in horse calming supplements since it regulates the function of the nervous system. Introducing magnesium into your horses diet results in your horse being calmer and less stressed without making it slow and lazy. This lick in addition contains vitamins, trace elements and minerals, everything your horses needs for a balanced diet.

Fifth Place

Horslyx Tub Garlic Supplement Lick

If you're looking for a more complete supplement, this lick includes garlic for immunity, biotin and zinc for hooves, and plenty more vitamins and minerals

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This salt lick is full of beneficial substances submerged in salt and molasses. Garlic is one of the most effective insect-repellent substances, great for horses that spend many hours on the fields. Horslyx tub actually contains garlic oil, beneficial for the skin and coat condition and general digestion. In addition it has a variety of elements: iodine, zinc, copper, selenium and vitamins like biotin. Horslyx tubs are waterproof and can be placed both inside and outside of the stables. These salt licks tend to disappear very quickly so many equestrians choose to use them as a treat instead of allowing the horses a free access at all times. 

What to Look For In a Salt Lick 

Good salt licks in addition to sodium chlorine (the pure salt) contain extra minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Good salt licks should be easy to put up, as horses do not happily eat salt licks from the floor. If you want to put up a salt lick on the fields, make sure it is weatherproof, so that the rain doesn’t wash it down. Pick the right size: 1-3 kg block is typically best for a single horse.  

Benefits of Horse Salt Licks

Salt licks are an excellent source of electrolytes for horses. They provide mainly sodium and chlorine into your horses diet. Right electrolyte balance is very important for proper muscle functioning and regeneration. Electrolytes are especially important during hot summer months and for horses that sweat a lot. Whether your horse sweats during intensive exercise of from stress related reasons make sure you supplement those electrolytes. In addition, good quality salt licks contain micronutrients beneficial for the quality of your horse’s skin, fur and hooves. 

Some salt licks are a good entertainment for horses which are bored or suffer from negative repetitive behaviours such as weaving or cribbing. Those salt licks are typically hanged up in a way your horse can play with them and move them around. Flavoured salt licks can also be given as a treat or reward after or during your training session.