The Best Horse Treats (UK-2021)

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Treats are an amazing positive reinforcement tool in horse training. Here you will find the best treats to reward your beloved horse with.

The Best Horse Treats (UK-2021)

The Top-Rated Treats for Horses and Ponies

Editor Choice

Likit Stud Muffins

Cute and delicious oat treats for your horse.

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Likit Stud Muffins are one of the most popular horse treats. They are very cute looking, as they imitate human muffins. The package contains 45 handmade muffins. Horses and ponies love these treats and so do horse owners (for their simple ingredient list). They contain tasty ingredients such as oats, barley, wheat, molasses, linseed and fenugreek.

Budget Pick

NAF Minty Treats

Cheaper than most available treats but appealing to our horses.

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NAF Minty Treats is a 1 kg package budget friendly, palatable and enjoyable horse treats in a peppermint flavour. Feeding NAF treats is safe to horses with laminitis. Peppermint is known for it’s beneficial effects on the digestive system. These treats should be offered to our horse friends in moderation as the producer provides no information about the sugar content of the treats.

Luxury Pick

KM Elite Ultimate Horse Treats

This might just be one of the healthier foods for horses!

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KM Elite Ultimate Treat has an ingredient list like no other. They might just be the best horse treats on the market. The treats contain more omega-3,6 and 9 fats than any other version of treats (thanks to coconut and flaxseed in the recipe). They contain plenty of herbs making it a healthy and tasty snack for your best friend.

Best for Digestion

Signature Equilibrium Crunchits

This sugar and molasses free snack will make an ideal treat for horses with digestive issues.

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Horses that suffer from digestive issues, with stomach ulcers being the most common should avoid eating food high in sugar. Low sugar food promotes healthier gut bacteria colonies and a balanced pH in the stomach and the gut. Sugar cubes should be avoided at all costs. Signature Equilibrium Crunchits are a perfect alternative to the sweet horse treats. The treat colors come from natural extracts from strawberry, beetroot, parsnip, carrots, banana, pea and spinach. Vegetables and fruit additionally aid digestion thanks to their starch levels. Although it is a great treat for horses with Stomach issues, remember that a constant and balanced diet is the best for such horses, therefore treats should only be given in small amount, preferably from hand.

Best for Nervous Horses

Silvermoor Treatsies Turmeric

These treats combine a tasty reward with calming properties.

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Silvermoor Treatsies are low sugar low starch herbal horse treats that contain camomile flowers. Camomile flowers have an impressive history of being been used for their calming and comforting properties, so your anxious horse will highly benefit from this horse treat.

What to Look for in a Good Horse Treat

A good horse treat would be anything that your horse likes and is relatively healthy. Follow these tips for finding ideal store bought treats:

Short List of Ingredients

The less ingredients, the better. Artificial substances and colors should be avoided. Look for ingredients such as herbs, natural oils, fruits and vegetables.

Low in Sugar

Sugar harms your horses gut and damages the natural microflora and should be avoided.


Above all, it is the most important that your horse enjoys the treat and will want to be coming for more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions horse owners ask.

What is the best way to feed treats to my horse?

There is no one best way to feed horse treats, but the safest and most recommended is to offer the treat from an open hand palm. Remember that a treat should never be the main source of food for your horse and should be given in moderation to reinforce positive behaviours.

Why is my horse shaking its head or spitting out the treats?

Horses common reaction to a new taste palette is to spit a treat out or shake its head. The horse will most likely like the new foods that you are offering but needs a little time to get accustomed.

What are other alternatives to store bought treats?

Raw vegetables and fruit can be cheaply bought and make a perfect snack or reward. Most common are carrots and apples but more can be offered to horses. Tip: Always cut apple into apple slices if you don’t want your horse to choke (although it is pretty uncommon there have been cases like this while treat feeding).

Are apple seeds safe to horses?

Apple seeds contain cyanide, which is toxic for horses. A few apples will not harm your horse but if you are planning on giving your horse more apples, remove the seeds to avoid a potential problem.

Other Horse Treats We Reviewed

Horse Licks are an alternative to horse cookies and are growing in popularity in the recent years.

Horslyx Minis Horse Licks

A set of small, tasty horse licks that provide multiple health benefits.

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The Horslyx Horse licks contain tasty molasses and each variety is dedicated to a different system (i.e. for digestion, for joints and mobility, for respiration, for immunity etc.) They should not be left unattended with your horse because horses will most likely eat them all at once.

Signature Likit Starter Kit

Give your horse some variety with this salt lick kit featuring three different flavours (apple, carrot, and cherry). This kit contains everything you need to spoil your horse!

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Signature Likit Starter Kit is a similar idea to horslyx horse licks. The licks come in multiple different colors and fruity flavours. Feeding treats has never been more fun.