The Best Magnetic Horse Boots in 2021

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Magnetic boots are a fairly new product on the horse market. Correctly used, can be very beneficial for horses in and out of training, both healthy and with medical issues. As with any newness, there are plenty of questions to be answered. Here are some of the most popular magnetic boots picked by equestrians of all disciplines. 

The Best Magnetic Horse Boots in 2021

Editor Choice

LeMieux Conductive Magnetic Boots

These magnetic boots aid in regeneration and recovery of horses legs.

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LeMieux boots produce magnetic field using 18 powerful 2600 gauze neodymium magnets. The magnetic field is evenly conducted at the whole leg length thanks to a woven layer of steel fibres placed under the magnets. Since magnetic field can generate a little bit of heat, there are mesh rear vents that let the excess heat escape and prevent overheating. The outer layer of the boot is made out of bamboo that absorbs moisture and sweat. These boots are sold in a whole range of sizes from small to extra large. It is crucial to pick the right size and length of the boot for the treatment to be effective. The boots come only in one color and are sold as a pair of two that can be used on either front or hind end. You will need to get two of these sets if you want to use the boots simultaneously on all four legs. 

Runner Up

Equilibrium Magnetic Therapy Chaps

Another good option when it comes to magnetic boots. Hardwearing, lightweight, breathable and safe to be used for prolonged periods of time or overnight.

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If you will be using the magnetic field for rehabilitation, leaving the boots on overnight or for longer periods of time, Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps will be a perfect buy.  They are softer than any other available magnetic boots, making sure you horse is comfortable for many hours. The magnetic field is generated by four high-grade Vitaflex magnets placed in pillow packs. The material is lightweight and breathable. The velcro fastening is strong and hard wearing. Like most magnetic boots they are sold in a pair of two. 

Third Choice

Veredus Magnetik Evo Magnetic Stable Boots

Practical and functional, Breathable magnetic boots with strong and durable closures.

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Veredus Magnetic Evo Boots are more expensive than most magnetic boots but are also one of the customer favorites. The magnetic field is generated by 28 neodymium magnets which develop a power of 2400 Gauss. The boots are made out of breathable HCL foam (AEROX) and have an internal padding of Dry Fast Dry (DFD) material. These boots are specifically dedicated for front legs, a pair for hind end can be bought seperately. Their design makes them tight fitting around the whole leg and the velcro fastening is powerful and hardwearing. Veredus boots come in sizes S to L but are highly adjustable. These boots are sold a pair of two. 

What Are Magnetic Horse Boots?

Magnetic horse boots are boots that have a number of magnets inside the material. The magnets are positioned in a specific way to produce a magnetic field. Once the boot is on, the magnetic field acts on the horses leg, penetrating all the tissues. New research shows that magnetic field improves healing and when used correctly it is a great tool for health maintenance. Some of the benefits of magnetic field are:

  • Improved blood flow and blood supply to muscles 
  • Reduced inflammation  
  • Reduced pain 
  • Faster elimination of toxins from tissues 
  • Quicker regeneration of fatigued muscles 
  • Relief in the pain and effects of concussion 

Thanks to all of the positive effects stated above, all sort of horses will benefit from the treatment. Magnetic boots can be used both pre and post-training. The main benefit of using the boots pre-training is the increased blood flow to the tissues, that lowers the chances of minor and minor injuries. The idea is similar to walking the horse before the training and properly warming up your horse. 

Magnetic boots are also a great tool for injured horses and horses in a stall rest. Horses that aren’t able to move much, tend to collect more water and toxins in their legs leading to inflammation. Magnetic fields prevent the inflammation and reduce it. Magnetic boots should not be used as a substitution for actual movement and walking but can be used in addition to the veterinary recommendations. 

Do Magnetic Horse Boots Work?

The super benefits of magnetic boots are recently being questioned. There is plenty of research going on and most suggest that magnetic field treatment is a beneficial addition to other available treatments but not that effective on it’s own. This applies to the already existing and severe injuries. Any injured horse should be provided with a complex veterinary treatment. The pain relieving properties are also doubted and still researched, but it is certain that magnetic field does reduce the inflammation and improve the blood flow. 

How to Use Magnetic Horse Boots?

Magnetic boots can be used pre-training, post-training or in rehabilitation. If you are using magnetic horse boots pre-training, put on four boots on all four legs thirty minutes to an hour before the training. Make sure the boots are the right size and not too tight.

Post-training usage requires even less effort. You can put the boots on after your training and leave them for 12-24 hours safe. Bare in mind that magnetic field can generate a bit of heat, so avoid additional use of cooling or warming gels, unless it is recommended by the vet or your physiotherapist. 

For rehabilitation it is usually recommended to put the boots on in the evening and leave them overnight. Depending on the type of the injury or the occuring health issue, different time of application of magnetic field is recommended. I would suggest discussing it with your vet or therapist. Magnetic treatment can be more beneficial if done alternatively with veterinary bandaging with fleece bandages.

What about Magnetic Horse Rugs?

Magnetic treatment has been growing in popularity and thus magnetic horse blankets are also available on the market. Magnetic rugs have been seen to be beneficial in curing back pain and relieving the tension. We have a complete article on magnetic horse rugs on which we highly recommend you take a look at if you want more information on magnetic therapy.