The Best Polo Bandages for Horses (UK-2021)

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Polo bandages, unlike the name suggest are used amongst multiple horse riding disciplines, from dressage, through sport carriages, during flatwork of all disciplines to showjumping and for veterinary purposes. Multifunctional polo bandages should be relatively easy to put on and they should stay on the horse legs even during an intensive exercise. This article reviews the best polo bandages available in the UK from a perspective of a dressage rider.

The Top-Rated Polo Bandages

Editor Choice

LeMieux Luxury Bandages

Favourite polo bandages of equestrian amazon users.

Available at Amazon

I was not surprised to find LeMieux Fleece Polo Bandages among the highest rated bandages on amazon. Writing from my own experience, LeMieux bandages are long lasting, the fleece doesn’t wear off easily, even if machine washed. LeMieux sells these horse bandages in a complete set of four. They come in a handy zipped case. The velcro strap is strong and and keeps the bandages in place even during a dynamic and intensive exercise. LeMieux bandages come in a variety of classy colors such as red, blue, green, grey, white, teal, navy, black, purple and a few more to suit everybody’s preferences and likings.

Runner Up

Eskadron bandages

Highest level of leg protection and support without compromising on looks.

Available at Amazon

Before even starting this article I was sure that Eskadron Fleece Bandages deserve a place on this list. I had a pleasure to test them on a full sized horse. They didn’t slip off the legs, stayed on even during small jumping, hacking or pole work. They are my go-to leg wraps during most at-home dressage trainings and hacks. I have a pair that I have been regularly using for the past four years and they have never failed me (yay). Apart from being very functional, these bandages can be machine washed and do not pill easily. The velcro straps have a pretty eskadron design and remain strong even after multiple muddy hacks and machine washes.

Budget Pick

HKM polar fleece bandages

A good pick for anybody that doesn't want to spend fortune on polo bandages.

Available at Amazon

HKM polar fleece bandages might not be the greatest looking but they totally do their job when it comes to leg and tendon protection. They come in a very wide range of colors to pick from, to suit everyones likings. I am not convinced HKM fleece will not pill but according to many equestrians they have been very satisfied with the purchase.

Luxury Pick

EQUILINE Fleece Bandages

These bandages are a great choice for the most demanding riders.

Available at Amazon

EQUILINE Fleece Bandages are by far my favourite horse bandages. They come in multiple pretty, classy and expensive looking colors and come in a handy zip bag in a pair of four. These bandages are made out of the nicest fleece that doesn’t tear or pill and keeps very well on the horses legs. The velcro straps have an Equiline logo, which admittedly is very fancy and nicely completes any look.

Best for Ponies

ESKADRON PONY Fleece Bandages

Classy looking and high quality bandage dedicated to ponies.

Available at Amazon

ESKADRON PONY Fleece Bandages provide a high level of leg protection, uncompromising the looks. The bandages are available in multiple colors and Eskadron releases new fresh collection dedicated to ponies twice a year. Although I have not tried Eskadron’s fleece bandages on ponies, I had a pleasure to test them on a full sized horse and I was very pleased. They didn’t slip off the legs, stayed on even during small jumping, hacking or pole work. Apart from being very functional, these bandages can be machine washed and do not pill easily.

What to Look for in Polo Bandages

Here are some things to consider when buying a set of polo bandages for horses or ponies.


Polo bandages can be made out of different materials. Most common are fleece, elastic polyester or or mix of both. Personally I would suggest going only for fleece bandages because from my personal experience, other types of materials tend to slip of horses legs easily and don’t hold in place well. Fleece should be of a decent quality to last you for a longer while without getting stretched, deformed or pilled. It is the most convenient if the polo bandage material can be machine washed too.

Velcro Straps

Bandage velcro straps should be durable and strong even after the bandages have been used multiple times. Most popular equestrian companies produce decent velcro and I would suggest sticking with them or checking the reviews of other equestrians.


It is difficult to neatly wrap up horses legs if the bandages are too long. If you have a pony or a light-built horse with thin legs avoid getting polo wraps in a size full.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask when choosing Horse Bandages

Do I need bandage pads for polo bandages?

Bandage pads are to be placed under your normal bandages. They aren’t absolutely necessary but they give some extra benefits, such as extra protection for the tendons and legs or a better and equal distribution of the bandage pressure, getting rid of unwanted high pressure points and poor blood circulation. They are definitely a purchase worth considering.

Why does my horse lift its feet up when wearing bandages?

If a horse is not used to wearing bandage or boots, or more precisely speaking the pressure caused by them, it might react by lifting its feet excessively high. Most horses need a few trainings to get accustomed but make sure you aren’t putting the bandages on too tight and you wrap them correctly around the horses leg.

Other Bandage Pads We Have Reviewed

We looked at number of polo bandage pads and picked the best two according to us. Bandage pads are a purchase worth considering because they give your horse additional benefits such as a more effective leg protection and better pressure distribution, improving the physiological blood circulation and tendon and joint function. Bandage pads placed under fleece bandages are a better leg protection than most boots.

LeMieux Memory Foam Pair Bandage Pads

These memory foam pads will provide an optimal distribution of the bandage pressure.

Available at Amazon

LeMieux Memory Foam Bandage Pads come in a pair of two. Different sizes available depending on the size of your horse or pony and the discipline (dressage riders usually go for the largest size). Memory foam material perfectly adjust to your horses anatomy providing optimal distribution of the bandage pressure and a very good leg protection. Velcro straps hold the pads in place when wrapping the bandages and prevent them from rotating around. Available in black, white or navy.

BANDAGE PADS Unstitched Cotton

Soft and unstitched for your horses comfort.

Available at Amazon

This is a complete set of four bandage pads. They are soft and unstitched so leave no markings on your horses legs. Outer layer is a breathable cotton. They are also very affordable easy to use (can be machine washed). Available only in white.