The Best Pony Blankets (UK-2021)

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It is extremely easy to find nice, high quality blankets for full sized horses but we all know that finding nice blankets for ponies is a lot more challenging and our choices are limited. This article reviews the best blankets for ponies of all categories, starting from warm stable rugs to super durable outdoor rugs, so that you can easily find the perfect blanket for your little horsey friend.

The Top Rated Pony Blankets (UK-2021)

Best For the Summer

Horseware Amigo Mio Pony Fly Rug

This light weight blanket will protect your pony from insects and harmful uv light.

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Derby Originals Nordic-Tough Pony Blanket is the best choice for an outdoor turnout blanket. 300 g of polyfil insulation filling keeps your pony warm even on the coldest weather. The rug is also windproof and waterproof. The rug is designed with your ponies comfort in mind and has got all the features that ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. These include: double chest buckles, adjust-to-fit neck straps, shoulder gussets, a tail flap and two crossed belly straps. The outer material of the rug is made out of 1200 denier nylon (see below to learn more about what deniers actually are) which is waterproof, wind proof and rip proof making it an ideal turnout blanket. Derby Norgic-Tough blanket comes with a two year warranty from the producer and you can pick from a range of pretty and classy colours (orange, charcoal, blue, purple and turquise with navy).

Luxury Pick: Ponyo Juicy Watermelon Turnout Rug

This blanket is so cute that you want to take lots of photos of your pony

Ponyo Juicy Watermelon Turnout Rug has become super popular among social media equestrian influencers in 2021. Extremely cute and but also very practical. Ponyo horsewear has a wide range of cute sheet patterns available on their website, so have a look yourself. Some of the most popular include: watermelons, unicorns, flowers and monkeys. These colourful turnout rugs will brighten even the most grey and gloomy winter day. This turnout rug will keep your pony warm in the cold temperatures thanks to the 100-400 gram polyfil. The outer shell is a 1200 denier ripstop, durable material. These blankets are also waterproof and breathable. A perfect and comfortable fit is achieved by adjustable front and belly buckles and shoulder gussets. Inner lining is a soft and warm polyester and the wither area has an extra layer of fleece to prevent rubbing. The rug comes with a large tail flap and a detachable neck piece of the same weight like the blanket. Ponyo also sales these sheets in a bundle with transport boots and bum bags of the same pattern. If you buy the whole bundle you will get a significant discount.

Best For the Summer

Horseware Amigo Mio Pony Fly Rug

This light weight blanket will protect your pony from insects and harmful uv light.

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Tough 1 600D Pony Stable Blanket is an ideal winter season stable sheet. Tough 1 company is one of the leading brands in the UK when it comes to horse rugs and blankets and can be fully trusted to produce durable and high quality products. In fact we have a whole separate article on Tough 1 Blankets if you want to check it out (The Ultimate Review of Tough1 Horse Blankets). Tough 1 600 D Minature Stable Blanket is very comfortable with a deep shoulder cut and extra gussets for comfortable and a secure fit. The outer material is 600 denier, ripstop and very durable. The fill of the blanket is 250 g polyfil, which provides a good heat insulation and keeps your pony warm even at very low temperatures. The blanket comes in a red or royal blue colour.

Best For the Summer

Horseware Amigo Mio Pony Fly Rug

This light weight blanket will protect your pony from insects and harmful uv light.

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Most pony fleece blankets available on the market have a plain and boring patterns, and this is where Cwell Equine Heavy Fleece Rug comes in handy. Pretty, pastel colour, stripe pattern will look cute on every little horse. This polyester fleece is not only good looking but also comfortable and practical. Two front buckles and two belly buckles ensure a good fit. Wither is additionally padded to prevent from rubbing, discomfort and pain. The material is breathable and will make an ideal fleece for the after training, transport or as an additional layer under your stable rug for the extra heat insulation and more effective retention of the body heat.

Best For the Summer

Horseware Amigo Mio Pony Fly Rug

This light weight blanket will protect your pony from insects and harmful uv light.

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AMIGO Horseware Mio Pony Fly Rug is a light weight rug made out of a breathable knitted poliester mesh material. The mesh material protects your pony from the biting insects and harmful uv sun rays. AMIGO fly blanket comes with a tail flap and a neck cover to ensure a full body protection. Front straps and belly straps keep the fleece in place. For a guide to buying the best fly blankets check out our article: The Best Horse Fly Sheets (UK-2021).

What to Look for in Pony Blankets

Here are some factors you need to look for when buying a horse or pony blanket.

Neck Cover

Neck cover keeps the horses neck warm, especially useful with horses that have a full body clip during the winter season. Neck cover also shields from the wind.  Summer fly sheets should also have a neck cover to provide a full body protection agains the insects.

Tail Flap

Reduces tail damage and lowers the heat losses during the winter.

Double Front Buckles

Ensure a good fit and prevent the rug from sliding.

Shoulder Gussets

Prevent restriction of movement and let your horse move around freely without discomfort.

Adjustable Leg Straps

Keep the rug in an ideal position, preventing it from falling off or sliding to either side.

Wither Polyester

Prevents damage to the mane and the coat due to rubbing.


Look for blankets with natural and breathable materials to prevent your pony from sweating excessively, getting overheated and potentially falling ill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask when choosing a pony blanket.

What are denier units?

Turnout waterproof and rip stop rugs are described in units called deniers that describe the linear mass density of fibres (or in easier words: how many fibres of polyester or nylon are packed into your rug). Most rugs are labeled with 420D, 600D and 1200D. As the number of deniers increases, the weight of the rug increases and so it’s ability to keep the water off. Rugs labeled with a higher denier number are also more solid and less likely to tear, rip and get damaged. 

How to prevent a blanket from slipping?

If you do not want your blanket to slip invest in a good fitting blanket with front buckles and belly straps. If your rug keeps slipping off despite having all the straps, buy an additional elastic blanket surcingle (for example this one from amazon: Hy Elasticated Surcingle – Teal/Navy – Horse Equestrian Bandages)

My pony is getting rubbed from the blanket. What should I do?

Some horses have delicate coats which tend to get damaged when wearing a rug. Try improving your horses diet by adding vitamin supplements to improve the skin and coat condition (biotin, selenium, MSM or multivitamin). If your pony has a tendency to rub and get bruised despite the diet get a stretch rug to put under your normal blanket (for example this one from amazon: Weatherbeeta Stretch Rug Navy Pony)

Other Pony Rug Accessories We Have Reviewed

We have also looked at Accessories for Pony Blankets. These will go well with any rug, no matter if it is a stable, fleece or a turnout rug.

The Best Stretch Rug

Weatherbeeta Stretch Rug

Stretch rug will prevent the rug from rubbing your pony.

Available at Amazon

Pony Weatherbeeta Stretch Rug is a tight fitting, thin and light weigh elastic sheet. Good for horses and ponies that have a delicate and soft coat that has a tendency to get damaged easily. The stretch rug should be placed under your normal rug. It is breathable and light. The sheet can be washed in a washing machine. Stretch rugs can also be used to keep your horse clean and train the mane to one side. Stretch rugs should not be used during very hot summer days or in a direct sunlight as they might cause your pony to get overheated. In the winter however they help your pony retain a lot more heat, giving and extra insulation.

The Best Elastic Surcingle

This product is a must have for all pony and horse owners. Even if the blanket is of a perfect fit for your pony, there is still a high probability it will slip when a horse is laying down, running around or having a playful bucking time. Elastic Surcingle goes around the whole belly giving the rug some extra support. They should be placed on top of the rug. You can get one or even two and there is no chance for the sheets to slip or fall off any more.