The Best Show Jumping Hats and Helmets in 2021

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The market is flooded with many different hats and helmets produced by multiple brands. Picking the right one can be quite challenging and time consuming. This article will teach you what to look for in a good helmet. We have also picked five helmets which we think are the absolutely best ones available. 

The Best Show Jumping Hats and Helmets (UK-2021)

Editor Choice

Charles Oven is a brand that produces high quality helmets and riding hats. Most probably you have heard of it before, since the brand is represented by a world top class dressage rider – Charlotte Dujardin. The biggest downside of those helmets is their price, however they offer the highest protection available and are safety certified. The outer layer is made out of fibreglass to absorb the impact. They are moreover very comfortable, lined with a soft headband,  the harness is adjustable. These helmets are hygienic in use – the headband can be taken off and washed and the inner lining has antimicrobial properties. These helmets are very popular for a reason. Charles Owen released these helmets in a few different color variations: Black and Chrome, Black and Rose Gold, Black and Silver, Navy and Rose Gold, or Navy and Silver. 

Runner Up

Pikeur Pro Safe Classic Brilliant Riding Hat

A helmet with superb ventilation system and pretty looks.

Available at Amazon

Pikeur riding helmet takes horse fashion to the next level. This helmet is ideal for people that like classy and elegant style with a little twist. The front panel is glittered. This helmet is ideal for riding in hot conditions, it prevents excessive sweating, as it is equipped in three-way ventilation system for optimum air circulation. What makes this helmet better than others? It’s weight. It is super light and aerodynamic, suitable for showjumping or eventing. 

Third Place

Charles Owen J3 Jockey Skull

Designed with jockeys in mind, but suitable for all disciplines.

Available at Amazon

This hat is designed for jockeys. Despite it being widely used in horse racing, it is gaining its popularity in other disciplines thanks to it’s safety parameters. It meets all the safety standards. The front of the helmet is bend upwards to provide the rider with a good view. This helmet is light and has four ventilation holes. The harness is adjustable. This helmet comes only in black color. 

Fourth Place

John Whitaker New Rider Generation Helmet

Perfect choice for show jumpers and eventers.

Available at Amazon

John Whitaker helmet is perfect for anyone interested in showjumping. It is very light and aerodynamic. Just like the other helmets it is tested for safety and meets all the requirements. In addition a ‘Bounce back’ peak provides safety during a fall (this is a nice feature that most helmets lack). This helmet is the best value for money too, it is relatively cheap and has all the most important features. It comes in two different colors: Navy or Black.  

Fifth Place

Uvex - riding helmet SUXXEED ACTIVE

Another great choice when it comes to helmets.

Available at Amazon

Uvex is a company specialising in helmets for all sport disciplines. Helmets for horse riders are a relatively new product they have released. Uvex helmets are super adjustable and ideal if you need to share a helmet between a few people or you are still growing. The width and the height of the helmet is adjustable, as well as the straps. Just like the other helmets it meets all the necessary safety requirements for horse riders. It will be suitable for showjumping, despite being theoretically dedicated to dressage riders. 

What to Look for in a Showjumping Hat

Below are some of the most important features every good show jumping hat should have


Safety should always come first. Falling off while jumping is quite dangerous and scary, especially since you are falling from a few meters above the ground (that creates a high impact).  Providing safety is the main function of the helmet. Good helmets are made out of a few layers, are pretty thick and designed to take the impact of the fall. Some experts say that best helmets should break or crack as a result of the fall (that happens when the helmet absorbs most of the shock to protect your skull). From my own experience, I have ridden in quite a few good helmets and taken a fair few nasty falls, but the helmets have never fallen apart. Remember that good helmets are tested and are ‘safe certified’. Always look for helmets with a safety certification. Remember that accidents can take place even if your equipment is of a high quality, so it is always worth to consider getting yourself a horse riding insurance.


Find a helmet which fits your head well. The helmet should sit still, but not cause too much pressure on your head. Avoid buying helmets which are too big and move back and forth when you ride. Helmets with a mild size regulation are ideal if you are buying your helmet online and aren’t what is the right size for you.


Your head will be sweating quite a lot when riding, especially on the hotter days. A good ventilation and airflow is a must. Best hats have a breathable material headband and an air ventilation system in the helmet itself (usually a front and rear ventilation holes). 


Of course this isn’t a must, however a good looking, fashionable helmet is a great way to complete your look. It all comes down to your personal style but there are many of designs to pick from, from glossy and sparkly to classy. Horse riding competitions don’t have specified regulations about the helmet colors either, which means you can go crazy with the colors.

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