The Best Winter Horse Riding Gloves for Riders (UK-2021)

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All riders struggle with freezing hands during the winter riding season. This article reviews the best winter riding gloves that will keep your hands warm even on the coldest days. Below is a complete list of gloves which are comfortable to wear and preserve the warmth well without compromising a good grip.

The Top-Rated Winter Riding Gloves

Top Pick: Roeckl Unisex-Adults Winter Polartec Riding Gloves

These gloves are out top pick for multiple reasons.

Roeckl Unisex-Adults Winter Polartec Riding Gloves are dedicated to riding in a cold weather. Extremely comfortable and elastic polar fleece material adjust perfectly to any hand. Ideal, comfortable fit is not the only thing riders love about these gloves. Roeckl gloves have a silicone grip making it easy to held the reins without your hands slipping. Roeckl winter gloves are also machine washable. I had a pleasure to use them for a few seasons and they have never disappointed me and kept my hands warm throughout the whole winter season. Roeckl gloves come in black, brown and grey color.

Budget Pick: Mashfa Women Horse Riding Gloves Ladies 

These all year round gloves are an amazing value for money.

Mashfa gloves are on the cheaper side but they are still of a decent quality. Although they technically are not winter dedicated gloves, but rather all-year-round gloves, according to most riders even though they are on the thin side (material-wise) they keep the heat well and so will make a good pair of gloves for the winter too. Mashfa gloves have a good fit thanks to elasticated wrist material and soft fabric. The finger areas that come in contact with the reins are reinforced for a maximum durability. Mashfa gloves can be machine washed.

Luxury Pick: Roeckl Chester Winter Gloves

Amazing quality thermal gloves for the most chilly riders.

Roeckl Chester Winter Gloves look and feel expensive. They are hand sown with precision. The outer layer is made out of a durable and classy looking synthetic leather. The inside of the glove is insulated with a Warm Micro Bemberg lining, that gives the rider a warm and soft feeling. The wrist is adjustable to give you the perfect fit. These gloves are touchscreen compatible, so no need to take them off whenever you want to use your smartphone! Available in Anthracite, Black, Caramel, Mocha, Navy, or White.

Best Winter Riding Gloves for Kids: Hy Children’s Little Rider Star Winter Riding Gloves

Cute and warm gloves for all of the small riders out there.

Hy Children’s Little Rider Star Winter Riding Gloves are made out of a soft, pleasant in touch fleece fabric that will make a child warm in the coldest weather. These gloves have a long and elasticated cuff to prevent the heat from escaping. What is important they are of a cute and pretty design, appealing to the children. Available in navy or navy with pink. The logo stitching is pink in all products.

Best Gloves for Riding and Yard Work: LeMieux Polar Grip Gloves

This is a pair of ideal multifunctional gloves for the yard.

LeMieux Polar Grip Gloves are super comfortable and soft. Thanks to a super soft Polar-Xpand fabric they snuggle your hands perfectly, providing an ideal and optimal fit for warmth insulation. These gloves have a silicone power grip, and so can be used for riding too and your hands will not be sliding on the reins. They are touchscreen compatible, so there is no need to take them off if you want to use your smart phone. Available only in black.

What to Look for in Thermal Riding Gloves

Here are some things to look at when getting a pair of winter gloves


Material that is being used should have heat insulating properties to keep you warm. The material that is most commonly used is fleece. If you want leather gloves, or gloves of any other material, make sure that they have a layer of fleece or a soft brushing material from the inside. The material should also be a little thicker than of your all year round riding gloves.

Good Fit

A good fit is crucial. Too small gloves restrict the blood flow and made your hands cold as a result. Too big gloves on the other hand, are more likely to let a lot of the heat escape (that usually happens around the wrist area). A good solution to the second problem are wrist warmers, about which we write more below.

Good Grip

Soft and thick gloves tend to be a little slippery around the reins. For a good grip look only for gloves that have some sort of a silicone or other rubbery material on the fingers and in places that come in contact with the reins when riding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask about Thermal Riding Gloves.

What when my hands are cold despite having thermal gloves?

If your hands get cold in the thermal gloves buy yourself single use, flat hand warmers and place them in your glove. Rechargeable hand warmers are also available on the market but avoid them for horse riding as they are too bulky and not comfortable to ride with.

Other Products to Keep Your Hands Warm

We looked at number of other options available on the market to keep your hands from freezing. Off course having a good pair of winter riding gloves is a must but these products are worth checking out too.

Mountain Horse Wrist Warmer

An additional technical layer to keep you warm at all times.

Oftentimes the riding gloves do not fit perfectly and the material is a little loose around the wrist allowing the heat to escape. Mountain Horse Wrist Warmer is a solution to that, or simply one extra additional layer for the ‘always cold’ folks. It covers both hand and wrist. Made out of a breathable and moisture wicking, lightweight, elastic material, designed to comfortably fit the riders hand without looking too bulky. Available in one size


Easy and quick solution to the most unbearable cold.

Every equestrian should keep hand warmers at hand, they do not expire quick and help you get warm instantly. The Heat Company Hand Warmers can be bought in bundles of 10 or 4o and they are highly recommended on amazon. They create an instant feeling or warmth and are easy in use and application. Because The Heat Company’s hand warmers are of a convenient flat size, they will fit into your winter glove and not bother you whilst riding.