The Best Hoof Care Products for Horses (UK-2021)

Application of horse hoof care product

It is challenging to keep your horse’s hooves in the best condition and shape all year round. Horse’s feet are exposed to unfavourable conditions all year round, including moisture, mud, snow or dry sand. Below is a list of the top products when it comes to a maintenance of a healthy hoof. The Best Hoof … Read more

The Best Horse Grooming Kits in 2021

Horse grooming kit

A grooming kit consists of a basic set of tools each equestrian should have. For hygienic, health and veterinary reasons tools should not be shared between horses and every horse should have their own set of grooming tools. This article covers all the aspects of picking the best horse grooming kit together with our recommendations.  … Read more

The Best Horse Clippers in 2021

Young lady clipping horse

Horse clippers fall into three different categories: Heavy-duty, lightweight clippers, and horse trimmers. If you are looking at clipping your horse completely, or have a horse with long and thick coat, heavy-duty clippers is what you need. If you are clipping your horse only partially, or doing summer clipping, lightweight clippers will do just fine. … Read more