The Best Supplements for a Shiny Horse Coat (UK-2021)

Dull coat with no shine is often a result of vitamin or mineral deficiencies in horses and can easily be fixed with the right supplements. This article reviews the best supplements for a healthy skin and coat according to the ingredients, their effectiveness, price and reviews of many horse owners and fanatics. The Best Supplements … Read more

The Best Pony Blankets (UK-2021)

Pony wearing blanket

It is extremely easy to find nice, high quality blankets for full sized horses but we all know that finding nice blankets for ponies is a lot more challenging and our choices are limited. This article reviews the best blankets for ponies of all categories, starting from warm stable rugs to super durable outdoor rugs, … Read more

The Best Horse Fly Sheets (UK-2021)

Horse wearing fly sheet

Fly sheets are very effective in keeping the insects away during the summer months. We know what to look at when finding the best fly sheet. This article covers the best fly sheets found on the market, so that you will not be disappointed with your purchase. Editor’s Choice – Best On Horse Sheet Fashion … Read more

The Best Horse Fly Repellent (UK-2021)

Fly repellent for horses

There are multiple fry sprays for horses available on the market. Many of them, as you have probably experienced weren’t worth your money and time as they wear off very quickly and are not very effective in repelling flies and other insects. So here is a complete list of fly repellents that actually work and … Read more

The Best Horse Treats (UK-2021)

Horse eating treats

Treats are an amazing positive reinforcement tool in horse training. Here you will find the best treats to reward your beloved horse with. The Best Horse Treats (UK-2021) Editor’s Choice – Likit Stud Muffins Budget Pick – NAF Minty Treats Luxury Pick – KM Elite Ultimate Horse Treats Best for Digestion – Signature Equilibrium Crunchits … Read more

Best Electric Fencing for Horses (UK – 2021)

Electric fencing for horses

Even with tall fencing many horses try to escape from the pastures. Whether a horse tries to jump over the fencing or run through it, electric fencing is the easiest way to get in control of it. Electric fencing is cheap, easy to put on the fence and safe for horses. Therefore most stable owners … Read more

Do Magnetic Horse Rugs Work?

Magnetic horse rug

There is little scientific evidence and studies that prove the miraculous effects of magnetic therapy.  There are however many people that claim the magnetic therapy helped their horses to a great extent.  The effect of the applied magnets is also highly dependent on the initial condition the horse was in. It has to be noted … Read more

The Best Horse Calming Supplements in 2021

Calm horse in stable

Stress in horses can show in many different ways and have a negative effect on your performance and training. If you notice signs of stress such as nervousness, anxiety, spookiness, aggressiveness or unnatural behaviour in your horse, it might be the right time to consider introducing a calming supplement into your horses diet. Most supplements … Read more

The Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain in 2021

Horse feed for weight gain

Picky eaters, competition season burnout, colder wintes, intense growth and digestive problems. It all leads to weight loss in horses. We have all been there, but worry not. We have reviewed the best weight gain feed blends that should quickly get your horse back in shape. Below are the best feeds and supplements for all … Read more

The Best Horse Riding Insurance in 2021

Horse riding accident

You do not have to be a horse owner to get yourself a riding insurance. Horse riding insurance is a perfect option for riders at all levels in all riding disciplines, at all ages. Riding insurance can be handy even for the new beginner riders. This article will cover all the aspects a good insurance … Read more

The Best Magnetic Horse Boots in 2021

Magnetic horse boot therapy

Magnetic boots are a fairly new product on the horse market. Correctly used, can be very beneficial for horses in and out of training, both healthy and with medical issues. As with any newness, there are plenty of questions to be answered. Here are some of the most popular magnetic boots picked by equestrians of … Read more

The 5 Best Horse Salt Licks: Buyer’s Guide (UK 2021)

Pony eating salt lick

Salt is very important is every horses diet. Typically a horse requires one to two ounces of salt a day, depending on its size and the severity of sweating. Horses should be offered a free access to salt licks at all times. The demand for salt increases during the hot summer months and intensive training. … Read more

The Ultimate Review of Tough1 Horse Blankets

What to Consider When Buying a Horse Blanket Size Perfectly fitted rug is a must. Poorly fitted rugs will cause undesired scratching, wounding and discomfort to your horse. Rug which is too small might prevent the blood flow and result in asymmetrical muscle atrophy. Rugs that are too big, might fall off the horses side, … Read more