The Best Polo Bandages for Horses (UK-2021)

Horse polo bandages

Polo bandages, unlike the name suggest are used amongst multiple horse riding disciplines, from dressage, through sport carriages, during flatwork of all disciplines to showjumping and for veterinary purposes. Multifunctional polo bandages should be relatively easy to put on and they should stay on the horse legs even during an intensive exercise. This article reviews … Read more

The 5 Best Dressage Bridles: Buyer’s Guide (UK 2021)

Horse wearing dressage bridle

Dressage bridles should fit perfectly, ensuring comfort for your horse during rides. The best bridles are anatomical bridles and bridles with broad bands which equally distribute pressure avoiding potential discomfort. Below are some of the highest quality bridles made out of soft and elastic leather with the classiest designs, suitable for curb bits as well … Read more

Best Eventing Saddles (UK – 2021)

Eventing saddle for horseriding

DISCLAIMER: before buying a new saddle always remember to ask for professional saddle fitting advice as each saddle should be properly fitted to the horses back to avoid damage and injuries! This article only shows some of the highest quality saddles available on the market but each purchase should be beforehand consulted with a professional.  … Read more

The Best Dressage Saddle Pads in 2021

Horse wearing dressage saddle pad

Are you serious about dressage or own a dressage saddle? Or perhaps you are just curious to see what are the best dressage saddle pads on the market? This article reviews six top rated and most wanted dressage saddle pads in the UK.  The Best Dressage Saddle Pads (UK-2021) Editor’s Choice – Weatherbeeta Dressage Saddle … Read more

The Best Dressage Whips in 2021

Dressage whip against horse

Dressage whips come in all styles. A good dressage whip is comfortable to hold and fancy in appearance. Whips with gel handles provide you with a perfect grip during your trainings and are probably the most practical whips you can get. Another favorite are whips with very fancy and decorative handles, to give you the … Read more

The Best Gel Saddle Pads in 2021

Gel saddle pad on horse's back

Gel saddle pads are great for horses with naturally sensitive backs or horses that are new to work and have not yet build proper back muscles. Gel pads redistribute the weight and pressure of the saddle and the rider improving the condition of horses back. Gel pads can also ride the front or the back … Read more

The Best Hoof Boots for Jumping in 2021

Hoof boots on jumping horse

This article reviews the five most popular and commonly picked hoof boots in the UK. When thinking about hoof boots we have to differentiate between hoof heel boots (also known as overreach bell boots) and full hoof boots. The first are more common and have been around for a while, whereas the full hoof boots … Read more

The Fanciest Browbands for Horses in 2021

Horse browband bridle strap

Us equestrians know that a nice browband can complete any look. Changing your browband is relatively easy, most bridles have detachable browbands so that you can quickly transition between casual to glam and back. To change the browband you will have to take apart the bridle and then put it back together. The only thing … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Lunging Equipment for Horse Riding

Lunging a horse

Lunging is unfortunately a highly underappreciated tool in horse training. It can be very beneficial to horses health and condition, improve and strengthen the connection between a horse and rider and improve the riders seat and balance. You should incorporate lunging into your weekly training routine, to see best results. Here is some of the … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Types of Horse Bits

Types of horse bit

A properly picked bit can take your training to the next level. A wrong bit can prevent you from seeing the results you want. If your horse lacks balance, is fearful of the bit, avoids steady contact or feels generally stiff and tense, it might be time to reconsider the bit you are using. Below … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Types of Horse Riding Bridles

Types of horseriding bridle

The huge variety of available horse tack can be a little intimidating even to the more experienced equestrians. Bridles differ between one another depending on their purpose, but are generally used in most riding disciplines and not rarely, during the groundwork. Bridles are typically made out of leather, but the types and quality of leather … Read more