The Ultimate Guide to Lunging Equipment for Horse Riding

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Lunging is unfortunately a highly underappreciated tool in horse training. It can be very beneficial to horses health and condition, improve and strengthen the connection between a horse and rider and improve the riders seat and balance. You should incorporate lunging into your weekly training routine, to see best results. Here is some of the best and most recommended, tested lunging equipment that will make your lunging sessions a real pleasure.

What Equipment Do You Need to Lunge a Horse?

There are many techniques for lunging, depending on what exactly is it that you want to achieve. Typically, you will need a lunge rope (single or double) and a long lunging whip. I also strongly suggest having a pair of working gloves, to avoid getting burns and scratches from the rope. Horses can be lunged on a bridle with the bit, on a halter or as many people prefer: on a cavesson. Cavesson (also known as lunging cavesson) is a type of a bitless head collar, that has a set of metal loops attached to ir. Lunging on a halter may cause an unwanted bend to the outside of the circle, this problem is eliminated when using a lunging cavesson. 

Best Lunging Ropes and Systems

Cottage Craft Comfy Web Lunge Rein With Markers

My absolutely favorite single lunge rope. It is a simple design, but unlike most lunging ropes, this one has length markers. So unusual, yet very useful for a good training. The markers on the rope indicate the diameter of the circle (10, 15 and 20 meters), giving you the opportunity to clearly monitor the circle size. Lunging on a large circle is good warm up, whereas working on a smaller circle teaches your horse to engage the hind end. The rope is 11 meters long in total, comes in black color and has a loop handle right at the end.

QHP Double Lunge Line

Double lounge is a perfect tool to introduce your horse to the outside rein. It is also commonly used in regular training of dressage horses to teach them and practice many different elements. It improves the self carriage and results in better understanding of the ‘hand’. Lunging with the double rope gives you multiple opportunities. The basic technique is standing inside the circle, as you normally would with a single lunge line. You can also walk behind the horse or next to it. What makes this double lunge line better than others is its length of 16 meters. The lunging ropes are soft and provide a good grip. Please note that in order to correctly use the double lunge, you need to be using a lunging belt (which it to be bought seperately). 

John Whitaker Training System

John Whitaker lunging equipment will work wonders for horses that lack self carriage. It is a nice addition to the everyday training, as the system strengthens the back and neck muscles. The ropes are of an adjustable size thanks to the roller and should fit any horse or pony. The ropes are red and navy color and the bungee is padded with a natural sheepskin. A single lunge rope has to be purchased separately, unless you won’t be needing one (if you are using a lunging arena)

Best Lunging Whips

MacTack Unisex’s Cerise/Purple Diamond Lunge Whip R443 66″, Regular

This lunging whip is a perfect size, long enough to be effectively used even if you are lunging your horse on a circle of a large diameter. The whip is a pretty purple color with a diamond pattern. The handle is made out of rubber material giving you the perfect grip. The whip itself is quite light, making it easy to hold throughout the duration of your training. The first part of the whip is additionally hardened. Moreover this whip has some really good customer reviews. 

Shires Plain Lunging Whip

Shires Lunging Whips are perfect for the fans of bright colors. They come is six different bright colors: blue, red, green, pink and orange and a classy black. The whip is of a nice length (160 cm/ 66”) ideal for lunging on a single rope of a standard size. The handle is made out of rubber, providing a good grip. The handle is moreover of a relatively small size making it suitable for people with smaller hands. 

Dublin Lunge 2 Piece Whip One Size Black

Dublin Lunge whip is a simple design but is very practical in use. The whip is a two piece that can be detached from one another, making it easier to fit in your car, trailer or tack room. It is a perfect whip to take for competitions or when traveling with your horses. 

Benefits of Lunging 

Regular lunging improves the communication of a horse and rider from the ground. It also improves the horses self carriage, flexibility and balance. In addition to that, lunging strengthens horses back, neck and tones the muscles. 

Lunging horses with a rider on, can improve the riders seat and understanding of the aids. Lunging beginner riders helps them catch the rhythm and understand the basic dynamics of riding. Lunging is recommended when introducing new beginner riders to the sport. Advanced rieders can also benefit, by performing vaulting exercises.