The Best Horse Fly Sheets (UK-2021)

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Fly sheets are very effective in keeping the insects away during the summer months. We know what to look at when finding the best fly sheet. This article covers the best fly sheets found on the market, so that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

The Top-Rated Fly Sheets for Horses

Editor Choice

Best On Horse Sheet

This complete set will successfully free your horse from the fly problem. This rug has it all will give your horse a perfect uv and fly protection.

Available at Amazon

Best on Horse Fly Rug is made out of a light breathable fabric. Small pores in the fabric ensure a good air circulation and will not cause your horse to excessively sweat. Therefore Best on Horse Fly Rug is ideal for the hot summer months. When it comes to the protection agains insects and flies, this rug has it all: a tail flap, a belly flap, neck cover, face cover and the right colour. This full body costume provides your horses with a full coverage and a complete protection agains the horse flies, mosquitos, house flies and all other biting insects. The zebra design is scientifically thought to have insect repellant properties, but if you aren’t convinced or do not like the pattern, Best on Horse got you covered. These fly sheets come in multiple designs, have a look on amazon yourself. Another great part about this rug is that the material also gives an extra UV, sun protection to your horse. It is ideal for horses of lighter coat colors such as greys, as it prevents them from getting burned so easily in the direct sunlight. If you are worried about the rug slipping off, don’t be. The fly sheet is equipped with belly bands, front bands and neck bands and will most likely keep in place. In addition, shoulder gussets ensure a good fit and unlimited range of movement for the highest comfort for your horse.

Fashion Pick

Horseware Amigo Evolution Fly Rug

This is a perfect sheet for your horses if you love a fancy, fresh and expensive look.

Available at Amazon

Amigo Three-In-One Evolution Untreated Waterproof Rug is the top pick for fashion lovers. It compromises a nice look and practicality. A bomb color combination will look great on all horses. This fly sheet for horses comes with neck covers and a belly wrap. Leg arches and three straight surcingles give a maximum belly coverage. The sheets are made out of a waterproof and breathable 900 denier in the top section and a breathable mesh fly sheet in the lower section. This rug will keep bugs and insects away even in the hot weather. The seamless design is perfect for horses that tend to rub their skin in the places of contact.

Luxury Pick

Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Rug

Expensive looking and stylish multifunctional horse rug.

Available at Amazon

Back on Track Fly Sheets are very long lasting and durable Welltex material. The fly sheet is equipped with leg straps and front straps, to provide a good fit on the horse. Tail flap gives a little extra protection against the insects. This fly sheet is machine washable and can also be air dried. This sheet will not only protect your horse from the insects but also holds a lot more functions. This fly sheet can be used in the winter under your typical winter rug, acting as a a liner and thus will help your horse hold a lot more heat during the cold days. Another way to use the rug would be to leave it on after a training to promote faster and more effective recovery by enhancing the blood circulation. The cons of this rug are that it does not come with a neck cover or a face cover.

Best for Eczema

Busse Strong Eczema Combo Fly Rug

This is the best pick for horses and ponies that suffer from sweet itch.

Available at Equus

Busse Strong Eczema Combo Fly rug is dedicated to horses that deal with skin eczema and sweet itch. Breathable thin material with extra UV protection filter is perfect for the hot weather and direct sunlight. The set consists of rug with a tail flap, belly guard and neck cover providing a full body coverage (excluding the head). The design of the fly sheet (fabric is elasticated in the leg arches) with multiple velcro straps ensures a perfect, comfortable fit. Available in a range of different colors.

Exercise Fly Sheet

HKM Exercise Detachable Neck Fly Rug

Perfect rug for summer hacks that will keep the insects away.

Available at Amazon

HKM Exercise Fly Rug is a perfect choice for a horse exercise sheet. The sheet is made out of mesh. It comes with a neck that can be easealy detached for horses that get irritated or whenever it is not necessary. If you decide to keep the neck piece, it can be attached to the bridle to prevent it from slipping. The body of the fly sheet has a cut-away saddle area for the riders comfort. Some of the additional pros of this sheet are: machine washable, can be air dried, material is rip proof and it comes in a few nice and classy colors to pick from.

What to Look for in a Horse Fly Sheet

Here are some of the things to look at when picking a fly sheet for your horse.

Breathable material

Breathable material is a must, since fly sheets are mainly used during summer months and a hot weather. Breathable material prevents your horse from sweating excessively and electrolyte loss. The most common material used is a mesh.

UV Protection

A good fly sheet should have an extra UV protection, for the reasons stated above.

A Good Fit

You fly sheet should be a comfortable fit for your horse. It should not be too loose because it will not keep in place, but shouldn’t be too tight either as it will cause painful rubbing. The rug should not restrict your horses movement. A good fly sheet should have belly and front straps that will prevent it from moving around and slipping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask when choosing the best fly sheet

How can you prevent the sheet from slipping?

If your sheet slips, invest in an additional elastic belly strap or two, that goes all around your horses tummy. If the neck cover slips, try attaching the top of it to a halter.

What is the best color for a fly sheet?

Zebra patterns are thought to have insect repellant properties but there isn’t that much scientific evidence behind it. I would suggest going for lighter colors that do not heat up as easily as darker colors (you do not want your horse to get overheated in the summer).

Other Fly Control Methods we Have Reviewed

Although a good horse fly sheet can prevent the insects and bugs from biting your horse, there are also other ways to successfully repel them. Look up our article on The Best Fly Sprays, where we have reviewed fly sprays and fly gels. Here are some of the best options on the market when looking at getting a fly spray:

NAF Off Citronella Spray

Undoubtedly one of the top selling, most popular sprays in the UK.

Available at Amazon

Citronella spray produced by NAF is a lovely smelling and one of the most effective and long lasting sprays on the market. It’s formula contains natural citronella oil that produces a fragrant citronella scent. The oil doesn’t wear off quickly even if the horse sweats or the weather conditions aren’t favourable (i.e. rain or high moisture). This NAF spray is dedicated to horses only and should not be used on humans. NAF released a stronger version of Citronella spray that comes is a pink bottle, also called NAF Off Extra Effect which can be used in areas where insects are very abundant and disturbing.

Absorbine UltraShield

Super effective fly control spray for horses, tack and buildings.

Available at Amazon

Absorbine UltraShield is on the the best if not the best fly sprays for horses. Effective in repelling all sorts of biting insects like horse flies, mosquitos or ticks. Insecticide ingredients in the spray (Permethrin and Pyrethrin) instantly kill the flies and bugs. Therefore this product can be used not only on horses but also in the buildings, tack room, tack boxes, or any other insect-abundant location. UltraShield is human safe. Long lasting protection (up to 14 days) can be attributed to ingredients such as citronella oil and aloe. The smell is very pleasant and not human-irritating at all. Absorbine UltraShield is by far one of my personal favourite fly sprays for horses.