How to Get a Horse on the Bit

What Does it Mean that a Horse is on the Bit? You might be wondering what does it mean for a horse to be on the bit? It is a very common term used among riders, especially those with dressage background. It means that a horse is fully accepting of the contact and the riders … Read more

Guide to Horse Ulcers: Symptoms, Treatment, and More

Symptoms of Horse Ulcers Horse ulcers can have many faces and oftentimes go unnoticed for a long while. It is not uncommon that horses live their whole life without having the proper diagnosis or treatment. It is estimated that over half of sport and recreational horses, which are used under the saddle, suffer from horse … Read more

The Best Supplements for a Shiny Horse Coat (UK-2021)

Dull coat with no shine is often a result of vitamin or mineral deficiencies in horses and can easily be fixed with the right supplements. This article reviews the best supplements for a healthy skin and coat according to the ingredients, their effectiveness, price and reviews of many horse owners and fanatics. The Best Supplements … Read more

The 7 Best Horse Riding Gloves (UK-2021)

A good pair of horse riding gloves is something every equestrian needs. Riding gloves go through a lot so it is a challenge to find a durable and long lasting pair. This article reviews the best, highest rated and most commonly recommened gloves for riders of all disciplines, to make your choice a lot easier. … Read more

The Best Winter Riding Breeches (UK-2021)

Winter riding breeches

Cold winter months can be tough on equestrians, especially if there is no indoor riding arena at hand. A good quality, warm outfit can help you survive this difficult period and this is where this article comes in handy. We have researched the topic of riding breeches thoroughly to give you the best advice and … Read more

The Best Winter Horse Riding Gloves for Riders (UK-2021)

Winter horse riding gloves

All riders struggle with freezing hands during the winter riding season. This article reviews the best winter riding gloves that will keep your hands warm even on the coldest days. Below is a complete list of gloves which are comfortable to wear and preserve the warmth well without compromising a good grip. The Top-Rated Winter … Read more

The Best Polo Bandages for Horses (UK-2021)

Horse polo bandages

Polo bandages, unlike the name suggest are used amongst multiple horse riding disciplines, from dressage, through sport carriages, during flatwork of all disciplines to showjumping and for veterinary purposes. Multifunctional polo bandages should be relatively easy to put on and they should stay on the horse legs even during an intensive exercise. This article reviews … Read more

The Best Pony Blankets (UK-2021)

Pony wearing blanket

It is extremely easy to find nice, high quality blankets for full sized horses but we all know that finding nice blankets for ponies is a lot more challenging and our choices are limited. This article reviews the best blankets for ponies of all categories, starting from warm stable rugs to super durable outdoor rugs, … Read more

The Best Horse Fly Sheets (UK-2021)

Horse wearing fly sheet

Fly sheets are very effective in keeping the insects away during the summer months. We know what to look at when finding the best fly sheet. This article covers the best fly sheets found on the market, so that you will not be disappointed with your purchase. Editor’s Choice – Best On Horse Sheet Fashion … Read more

The Best Horse Fly Repellent (UK-2021)

Fly repellent for horses

There are multiple fry sprays for horses available on the market. Many of them, as you have probably experienced weren’t worth your money and time as they wear off very quickly and are not very effective in repelling flies and other insects. So here is a complete list of fly repellents that actually work and … Read more

The Best Cross Country Horse Boots (UK-2021)

Horse jumping cross country with boots

Eventing cross country boots provide a higher level of protection than any other boot. Here are some of the top xc horse boots available for events in the UK. The Best Cross Country Horse Boots 2021 Editor’s Choice – LeMieux Prosport Mesh Brushing Boots Budget Pick- Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots Luxury Pick – … Read more

The Best Horse Treats (UK-2021)

Horse eating treats

Treats are an amazing positive reinforcement tool in horse training. Here you will find the best treats to reward your beloved horse with. The Best Horse Treats (UK-2021) Editor’s Choice – Likit Stud Muffins Budget Pick – NAF Minty Treats Luxury Pick – KM Elite Ultimate Horse Treats Best for Digestion – Signature Equilibrium Crunchits … Read more

The Best Hoof Care Products for Horses (UK-2021)

Application of horse hoof care product

It is challenging to keep your horse’s hooves in the best condition and shape all year round. Horse’s feet are exposed to unfavourable conditions all year round, including moisture, mud, snow or dry sand. Below is a list of the top products when it comes to a maintenance of a healthy hoof. The Best Hoof … Read more

The 5 Best Dressage Bridles: Buyer’s Guide (UK 2021)

Horse wearing dressage bridle

Dressage bridles should fit perfectly, ensuring comfort for your horse during rides. The best bridles are anatomical bridles and bridles with broad bands which equally distribute pressure avoiding potential discomfort. Below are some of the highest quality bridles made out of soft and elastic leather with the classiest designs, suitable for curb bits as well … Read more

Best Electric Fencing for Horses (UK – 2021)

Electric fencing for horses

Even with tall fencing many horses try to escape from the pastures. Whether a horse tries to jump over the fencing or run through it, electric fencing is the easiest way to get in control of it. Electric fencing is cheap, easy to put on the fence and safe for horses. Therefore most stable owners … Read more

Do Magnetic Horse Rugs Work?

Magnetic horse rug

There is little scientific evidence and studies that prove the miraculous effects of magnetic therapy.  There are however many people that claim the magnetic therapy helped their horses to a great extent.  The effect of the applied magnets is also highly dependent on the initial condition the horse was in. It has to be noted … Read more

Best Eventing Saddles (UK – 2021)

Eventing saddle for horseriding

DISCLAIMER: before buying a new saddle always remember to ask for professional saddle fitting advice as each saddle should be properly fitted to the horses back to avoid damage and injuries! This article only shows some of the highest quality saddles available on the market but each purchase should be beforehand consulted with a professional.  … Read more

Best Eventing Boots for Riders (UK – 2021)

Eventing boots for riders

In this article you will find a complete list of the most recommended horse riding boots for eventing riders. You must be wondering how are the eventing horse riding boots different from any other horse riding boots, and the answer to that is that they are basically the same thing. With eventing boots however the … Read more

Best Dressage Jackets (UK – 2021)

Dressage show jacket

Dressage jackets are an obligatory piece of clothing during a competition and a nice addition to your look during official events and shows.  Here are some of the best dressage jackets of 2021 according to a few different categories. The Best Dressage Jackets (UK-2021) Most Fashionable 2021 – Pikeur Paulin Womens Competition Jacket Eye Catcher – Equetech … Read more

The Best Dressage Saddle Pads in 2021

Horse wearing dressage saddle pad

Are you serious about dressage or own a dressage saddle? Or perhaps you are just curious to see what are the best dressage saddle pads on the market? This article reviews six top rated and most wanted dressage saddle pads in the UK.  The Best Dressage Saddle Pads (UK-2021) Editor’s Choice – Weatherbeeta Dressage Saddle … Read more

The Best Dressage Whips in 2021

Dressage whip against horse

Dressage whips come in all styles. A good dressage whip is comfortable to hold and fancy in appearance. Whips with gel handles provide you with a perfect grip during your trainings and are probably the most practical whips you can get. Another favorite are whips with very fancy and decorative handles, to give you the … Read more

The Best Equestrian Air Vests in 2021

Cross country horse rider with equestrian air vest

Equestrian sports are one of the most dangerous sports with the highest injury rates among the riders. The worst injuries include spinal damage, rib fracture and dislocations in the shoulder region. Aside from horse riding insurance, one of the best investments you can make to reduce risk is equestrian vest. Air vests have been growing … Read more

The Best Gel Saddle Pads in 2021

Gel saddle pad on horse's back

Gel saddle pads are great for horses with naturally sensitive backs or horses that are new to work and have not yet build proper back muscles. Gel pads redistribute the weight and pressure of the saddle and the rider improving the condition of horses back. Gel pads can also ride the front or the back … Read more

The Best Hoof Boots for Jumping in 2021

Hoof boots on jumping horse

This article reviews the five most popular and commonly picked hoof boots in the UK. When thinking about hoof boots we have to differentiate between hoof heel boots (also known as overreach bell boots) and full hoof boots. The first are more common and have been around for a while, whereas the full hoof boots … Read more

The Best Horse Calming Supplements in 2021

Calm horse in stable

Stress in horses can show in many different ways and have a negative effect on your performance and training. If you notice signs of stress such as nervousness, anxiety, spookiness, aggressiveness or unnatural behaviour in your horse, it might be the right time to consider introducing a calming supplement into your horses diet. Most supplements … Read more

The Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain in 2021

Horse feed for weight gain

Picky eaters, competition season burnout, colder wintes, intense growth and digestive problems. It all leads to weight loss in horses. We have all been there, but worry not. We have reviewed the best weight gain feed blends that should quickly get your horse back in shape. Below are the best feeds and supplements for all … Read more

The Best Horse Grooming Kits in 2021

Horse grooming kit

A grooming kit consists of a basic set of tools each equestrian should have. For hygienic, health and veterinary reasons tools should not be shared between horses and every horse should have their own set of grooming tools. This article covers all the aspects of picking the best horse grooming kit together with our recommendations.  … Read more

The Best Horse Riding Insurance in 2021

Horse riding accident

You do not have to be a horse owner to get yourself a riding insurance. Horse riding insurance is a perfect option for riders at all levels in all riding disciplines, at all ages. Riding insurance can be handy even for the new beginner riders. This article will cover all the aspects a good insurance … Read more

The Best Show Jumping Hats and Helmets in 2021

Show jumping hat/helmet

The market is flooded with many different hats and helmets produced by multiple brands. Picking the right one can be quite challenging and time consuming. This article will teach you what to look for in a good helmet. We have also picked five helmets which we think are the absolutely best ones available.  The Best … Read more

The Fanciest Browbands for Horses in 2021

Horse browband bridle strap

Us equestrians know that a nice browband can complete any look. Changing your browband is relatively easy, most bridles have detachable browbands so that you can quickly transition between casual to glam and back. To change the browband you will have to take apart the bridle and then put it back together. The only thing … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Lunging Equipment for Horse Riding

Lunging a horse

Lunging is unfortunately a highly underappreciated tool in horse training. It can be very beneficial to horses health and condition, improve and strengthen the connection between a horse and rider and improve the riders seat and balance. You should incorporate lunging into your weekly training routine, to see best results. Here is some of the … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Types of Horse Bits

Types of horse bit

A properly picked bit can take your training to the next level. A wrong bit can prevent you from seeing the results you want. If your horse lacks balance, is fearful of the bit, avoids steady contact or feels generally stiff and tense, it might be time to reconsider the bit you are using. Below … Read more

The Best Horse Clippers in 2021

Young lady clipping horse

Horse clippers fall into three different categories: Heavy-duty, lightweight clippers, and horse trimmers. If you are looking at clipping your horse completely, or have a horse with long and thick coat, heavy-duty clippers is what you need. If you are clipping your horse only partially, or doing summer clipping, lightweight clippers will do just fine. … Read more

The Best Dressage Boots in 2021

Dressage boots for riders

Finding the right pair of dressage boots can be quite a challenge. Many boots just aren’t the best quality and don’t last long in the intensive dressage training. Here are some of the best, highest quality, longest lasting and most elegant riding boots for dressage riders.  The Best Dressage Boots in 2021 Editor’s Choice – Mountain … Read more

The Best Magnetic Horse Boots in 2021

Magnetic horse boot therapy

Magnetic boots are a fairly new product on the horse market. Correctly used, can be very beneficial for horses in and out of training, both healthy and with medical issues. As with any newness, there are plenty of questions to be answered. Here are some of the most popular magnetic boots picked by equestrians of … Read more

The 5 Best Horse Salt Licks: Buyer’s Guide (UK 2021)

Pony eating salt lick

Salt is very important is every horses diet. Typically a horse requires one to two ounces of salt a day, depending on its size and the severity of sweating. Horses should be offered a free access to salt licks at all times. The demand for salt increases during the hot summer months and intensive training. … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Types of Horse Riding Bridles

Types of horseriding bridle

The huge variety of available horse tack can be a little intimidating even to the more experienced equestrians. Bridles differ between one another depending on their purpose, but are generally used in most riding disciplines and not rarely, during the groundwork. Bridles are typically made out of leather, but the types and quality of leather … Read more

The Ultimate Review of Tough1 Horse Blankets

What to Consider When Buying a Horse Blanket Size Perfectly fitted rug is a must. Poorly fitted rugs will cause undesired scratching, wounding and discomfort to your horse. Rug which is too small might prevent the blood flow and result in asymmetrical muscle atrophy. Rugs that are too big, might fall off the horses side, … Read more